Steady through the Storm

The second quarter of 2020 can be likened to a tumultuous, sudden, hurricane on the high seas. Monstrous waves of the pandemic, economic collapse, and racial injustice crashed around us all – dangerous, unprecedented, and horrific. A tsunami-sized wave of fear and anxiety swept across our country. However, instead of letting this wave crash over our ship to sink us into these destructive emotions, the staff of Adoption Options rallied together and carried on…steady through the storm.
We could not control these events, but we could control how we responded to them.

In response to COVID-19, staff quickly adjusted to a teleworking model and clinical staff continued providing important services to birth parents, kids and families through virtual technology and creative methods. Our in-person three-event fundraising weekend at Rolling Hills had to be cancelled. Event and Development staff, along with the Fundraising Committee, sprang into action and moved to producing a meaningful virtual gala set for August 29 th . Our Marketing Coordinator played a key role in hosting a successful virtual walk-a-thon which was a fun way to keep families and friends connected to Adoption Options and each other during a time of social distancing. Education resources and fun activities for kids at home were posted in April and May.

To offset the possible economic fall-out, our Outreach and Development Coordinator researched various grant options. We were very fortunate to receive funding from the Paycheck Protection Program to help with payroll and operating costs.

Adoption Options is a proud recipient of the Innovator Seal from the Human Rights Campaign. As an agency that embraces diversity and racial equality, we responded both internally and externally to show our support for Black Lives Matter.

We are continuing our search for a new Executive Director and hope to have a new leader at the helm soon. Even though times are challenging, it has been an honor to hold the wheel steady in the meantime. Onward, we bravely go!

All the Best,
Samantha Deebs
Acting Executive Director