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Steel Blossoms Ready Self-Titled Album for April 26 Release
Album is first release on Billy Jam Records

NASHVILLE, Tenn., -- February 14, 2019 -- Long-time friends, storytellers and songwriters, Sara Zebley and Hayley Prosser, known as the Steel Blossoms are pleased to announce their second full-length album set for release on April 26, 2019 . The self-titled album, their first release on Billy Jam Records , was produced by Jerry Salley and recorded with Chris Latham at Gorilla’s Nest Studio .

With musicianship and an appreciation for life’s small moments, Steel Blossoms craft songs that are genuine and memorable. The ten songs on the album are infused with raw and relatable lyrics, weaving together heartache, cander, and harmonious musicianship between the duo.

Creating a moving personal statement both lyrically and musically, Steel Blossoms roll up and down like a highway, opening with “You’re The Reason I Drink,” a playful take on the strains of a relationship, moving through the moody and dark tone of “Revenge”, showcasing the duo’s powerful songwriting skills. The album closes with a waltz number, “Kentucky’s Never Been This Far”, which paints the picture of a road-weary troubadour missing home -- a feeling Zebley and Prosser know all too well from their days on the highway.

Originally from Pittsburgh, Zebley and Prosser met at a hometown festival and quickly began to perform together, growing more involved in the music scene in and around Pittsburgh. They write and perform relatable songs about real life and real challenges, about people they’ve met and experiences they’ve endured, all with a refreshing sense of humor, optimism and occasional, satisfying sarcasm. While cleverly turning a phrase and weaving a tale, the duo’s appeal is punctuated by musicianship and skilled harmonies.

After making their way to Nashville, the duo quickly bloomed as regulars at Music City honky tonks, and as house concert favorites. Soon, the duo was playing marquee clubs, concert venues and festivals across the US, sharing their refreshingly genuine story songs with an increasingly growing and fervent fanbase.

A debut EP, Year Number One , was released in 2015, followed by a full-length album, Country Enough , one year later. Steel Blossoms caught the ear of multi-award-winning songwriter, Jerry Salley, who had recently become the Creative and A&R Director of Nashville’s newest Americana label, Billy Jam Records. In early 2019, Steel Blossoms became the first act signed to the emerging label.

“For a few years, Jerry has mentioned that he would like to produce a record on us and we knew that he was the perfect person for the job,” Hayley says. “We have a very genuine friendship with him and we all are so passionate about the music that we write and play, so we knew the result would a great product if we were all working together.”  

Steel Blossoms have found their groove. They know who they are … in harmony as artists, friends and storytellers.

“The music we’re making now is the continuation of our journey,” Sara says. “We’ve developed our craft as musicians and expanded our perspective as people. This album represents where we are now and offers an indication of where we hope to head in the future.”

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