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April Newsletter 2022

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Community Spotlight

A few of our preschool teachers were at Lowe's trying to find blinds for their classroom and Micahel, Lowes Longmont Team Lead, stopped and asked if they needed any help.

Michael helped them find the blinds that matched the ones they needed to replace, asked what they needed them for, and then walked them over to the checkout. At checkout, he comped the blinds and said it's part of their business model to support the organizations in the community providing service to those in need.

What a gift it is to not only receive support in locating the materials needed, but also to be valued for the work you provide students and families everyday. Thank you Lowes Longmont for enhancing our classroom and lives of students and staff!

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Service Spotlight- Longmont High Cheerleaders!

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A special thank you and congratulations to the Longmont High Cheer Squad as they wrap up another cheer season, but not without spreading some cheer around town first!

Longmont High Cheer Squad for the 2nd year in a row did their "Egg my Yard" event using funds donated by business sponsors to create treat baskets and hide eggs for multiple WPC families, giving them something extra to smile about.

We are so grateful for each of the LHS cheerleaders and their support of WPC. From signing up to volunteer at events, to choosing WPC as their designated charitable organization, we feel encouraged and supported knowing these faces are committed to enhancing the lives of those that surround them.

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