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March, 2018 Newsletter
New Nanofat Stem Cell Transfers 
Now Stem Cells & Healing Factors Can Be Transferred With Minimal if Any Downtime
self lipo abdomen
Small amounts of fat can be used for nanofat injections
Transplanted fat has been used for years to restore youthful facial proportions, enhance features, and correct deformities,  and because fat is full of stem cells and healing factors, it, can make new tissue & improve the quality of the overlying skin.

Until recently, the goal of 
fat transfers  was to transfer intact, living fat cells from one area to another and hope that they'd survive.

Studies have shows that most transferred fat cells die, regardless of how carefully they're transferred, but stem cells and healing factors, which are abundant in fat, are activated by even minor injuries like the injections themselves. Activated stem cells from fat and bone marrow have the potential to become fat cells, muscle cells and bone, which are the same tissues that shrink in the face with aging. 

Since the stem cells and healing substances that produce the results are much smaller cells and molecules than fat cells, we can use much smaller cannulas or needles to harvest it than when we were trying not to rupture the fat cells.  

After a small amount of fat solution, called Nanofat, is obtained through a thin cannula, it's then liquified, filtered, and injected into the treatment area, with a thin needle,  In most cases it truly is a lunchtime procedure.

Studies this last year have shown that a sample of nanofat has even more stem cells and healing factors than fhe same amount of fat obtained with regular liposuction. 

Because nanofat can be injected through a thin needle near the skin's surface, it can be used directly in or below the skin, where a fat transfer would have looked lumpy. Theoretically, nanofat should improve crepey skin or skin that's lost elasticty.

"Nano Neck"

One of the most common concerns that our patients complain about is crepey skin on the neck. It's not just the thin skin on the neck that becomes crepey, it's the paper-thin muscle attached just underneath that contributes. 

To test out the theory that nanofat may improve both the muscle and the skin, I withdrew a little of my own abdominal fat 4 weeks ago, filtered it, & then injected it into my crepey neck. Luckily, because I've been interested in stem cells from fat for the last few years, I'd had the discipline to ignore our CoolSculpting devices who stare at me & beckon.

Results i mprove over a few months after treatment but here are my before & after photos at 4 weeks out.

If you're interested in learning more about  nanofat injections or fat transfers, call us at 727.571.1923 or email us to make an appointment for a complimentary initial consultation.

Don't Wait 'til Summer to Start Working on your Summer Body


Buy One CoolSculpting Cycle Get One 50% Off!  

Summer is coming & you've got plans to spend time at the beach, go out boating with friends, or just put on a pair of shorts. One problem - you've spent the last several months in leggings & sweaters pretending it was appropriate attire for Florida. And by pretending, I mean eating all the carbs & shaving your legs only in an emergency. 

Don't let summer creep up on you! Plan ahead by scheduling some of the following treatments now so that by summer you'll be appreciating the results.
  • CoolSculpting - Nonsurgical body contouring & fat reduction for the stomach, love handles, arms, thighs & double chin. The most significant improvement being seen between 60-90 days. Have your treatment in March & be ready by June.
  • Laser Vein Reduction - Reduce unwanted spider veins & automatically boost your confidence in skirts & shorts. Treated veins on the legs can take several weeks to reabsorb.
  • Laser Hair Reduction - Reduce hair growth & shave less often so that you are always ready (for anything). Maximum reduction can take a series of about 7 - 9 treatments but start now & you'll be shaving less by summer.
  • Laser Nail Fungus Treatment - Because a little toenail fungus can ruin even the cutest sandals. Most people need at least 2 treatments a month apart. Schedule yours now & be fungus free for sandal season.

Intermittent Fasting Benefits - Slower Aging, Better Focus, Weight Loss & More
Fasting for even just part of the day can produce multiple benefits...& it's free
I just returned from a Regenerative Medicine conference and one of the topics presented that has research to support the multiple benefits it provides, is fasting.
glass of water

S ome of th e benefits of intermittent fasting include: 
  • slows physical aging
  • enhances mental focus & mood
  • reduces the risk of chronic diseases & cancer
  • improves the immune system
  • reduces systemic inflammation
  • helps with weight loss,

There's not room in your email box for me to go into the details about the science behind the benefits of fasting, but h ere's a nice blog post ( The Profound Benefits of Fasting ) that summarizes how fasting works and gives suggestions on how to do it. If you want even more medical details, read the article  "Running on Empty".  

$99 Skin Care Special
BIO Cell+ Facial
Last Year we introduced the BIO Cell+ facial to our $99 Skincare Specials & it has quickly become a favorite. We can't think of any skin type that wouldn't benefit from this insanely luxurious facial targeted at pampering & nourishing your skin.

Using products from Le Mieux, which is French for "the best", y our esthetician will begin with a thorough cleansing & analysis of your skin. Followed by an invigorating exfoliation with a Hungarian mineral-rich thermal mud to detoxify, clarify & unclog pores. This treatment also incorporates the Skin Perfecter Spatula which delivers 28,000 ultrasonic vibrations per second to gently cleanse, tone, & stimulate the skin while accelerating the absorption of serums & gels.

Next (and our favorite part) we'll apply the Bio Cell+ Mask. This serum-saturated, marine collagen sheet mask features powerful peptides, freeze-dried marine collagen, antioxidants & botanical extracts to hydrate, brighten & firm skin all while you while bliss out during a soothing hand & arm massage.  An application of serums & moisturizers targeted to your skin's needs will complete your treatment.

The BIO CELL facial deeply hydrates & conditions the skin while visibly brightening & clarifying your complexion. It's great for de-flaking & rehydrating skin after winter, a perfect "pick me up" before an event or have one a couple of weeks after microneedling or an IPL photofacial to soothe & calm skin.


Le Mieux Sheet Masks $30 for a box of 4
Get that post facial glow at home!

Bio Cell+ mask - for all skin types. It moisturizes, brightens, tightens & clarifies with hyaluronic acid, lavandula, white tea extract, marine collagen, vitamin C & B5 as well as botanical extracts & peptid es. 

Moisture Infusion mask - for dry, dehydrated, sensitive or stressed skin. It contains hyaluronic acid, mari ne collagen,peptides, ceramides, vitamin C & calming botanical extracts.
redhead in mirror
Reading Your Face: What Can it Tell You About Hormone Balance
From Women's International Pharmacy, Written by Carol Petersen, RPh, CNP 

If you know what to look for, the reflection of your face in a mirror can reveal signs of a hormone imbalance. 

Let's start at the top to see what you might find.

If you are  losing hair at the crown of your head, you might have a thyroid deficiency. Thyroid hormone affects the thickness of the hair shaft and the abundance of hair. Adequate amounts of the sex hormones, such as the estrogens and testosterone, also contribute to hair luster. Another factor to consider is your diet - your hair might need more minerals and proteins. Insufficient intake of these nutrients in your diet, or the inability to assimilate those nutrients, can also contribute to hair problems. Low stomach acid makes it difficult to absorb minerals and protein. Because digestive enzymes are needed to break down protein so it can be absorbed, supplements may be needed.

If you have  thinning eyebrows, ...

Beauty Contestants Booted For Botox Use

"Have I had work done? Moi? Seriously, I was born with these."

New! Goo Gone Facial

If you can't undo it, Un-goo it

Remove sticky, gummy tar, chewing gum, & ground-in makeup with our new, amazing Goo Gone Facial

Goo Gone Facial

 As seen on TV, avoid alcoholic beverages while having this treatment, no animals were harmed during the testing of this facial, no small children allowed, results may vary, estheticians do not carry cash, this is a fictional treatment

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