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Our hearts and prayers are with Bowe.  
April 17, 2014

A Message from Mayor Nina Jonas: Step Back and Enjoy Slack

"Slack" is the local term for the dip or lull in tourism business between winter and summer seasons. For local merchants, slack is whack, sales plummet soaking up recently gained revenues. Culturally, it is a time we have come to expect and enjoy for its tranquility. It's a time to refresh. The activities calendar slows, the birds come back, the daffodils push up and the funky creative energy comes out. For example, my friends have created an annual tradition called "The Man of All Seasons." This event celebrates the juxtaposition of two seasons - winter and summer - with a ski race down Christmas Ridge and Exhibition to River Run followed by a round of golf on Bigwood. The winner is crowned "The Man of All Seasons!" So, while many leave the village this time of year for other recreational opportunities, it is a great time for a stay-cation.


My Top 5 Things to do in Spring Slack:


* Hunt for Morels * Day Trips * Switching Out Gear * Home Hobbies * Read *


 It is an honor to serve you and I always welcome your input in person or via email, Nina 

whyweloveWhy we love living here. . .
They said it best: "I remember stopping by Sun Valley after a long, dusty motorcycle ride where my buddies and I looked like we walked off the set of Mad Max, and we were treated the same as the folks in pressed khaki shorts and polo shirts." - Roger Phillips in the Idaho Statesman

"...While Sun Valley and Ketchum are ...attracting a new generation, ...this rugged yet refined spot in the center of Idaho remains very much itself. The best reason to come here is still to be precisely here and nowhere else." - Susan Reiffer,Ski Magazine
Sun Valley Film Festival in Ketchum Idaho
videoIn March 2014, Ketchum was abuzz with filmmakers, critics and movie-lovers. The Sun Valley Film Festival brought together the stars, writers, producers and more for a fun-filled weekend of movie-going.
Team Sludge Rides the Roads                                    by Robyn L. Mattison, P.E., LEED A.P.

teamsludgeHave you seen Ketchum's Team Sludge?  


The team is five operators at the wastewater treatment facility serving Ketchum and Sun Valley, who whiz through town on their road bikes during their lunch breaks or after work hours.


In this photo are Dave Taylor, Jeff Vert, Dan Daigh, Mick Mummert and Jeff Leamon. The crew often wears matching "Team Sludge" bike jerseys that they designed themselves and had custom-made (not using City funds, of course.) The team members, inspired by an ex-employee who left the City to pursue a career in professional road biking, began biking together in the mid-2000s.


Operating a wastewater treatment facility is not the most glamorous job. With dirty jobs and 24-hour on-call shifts, it's not the easiest job, either. But the Wastewater Department team makes the best of it and it shows in their level of teamwork and the great pride they take in their impeccably maintained treatment facility.


As a team they support each other both on the job and off. When Wastewater Supervisor Dave Taylor underwent open heart surgery last fall, the rest of the crew slowed down and took afternoon walks with him as he worked his way back into an active lifestyle.


Even though the work they do is less than glitzy, it is obvious the team enjoys the camaraderie they have with each other and appreciates the beautiful place where they live, work and play. Taylor is already back on his road bike this season and looking forward to leaving his coworkers behind in the dust.


Robyn Mattison is public works director/city engineer for the City of Ketchum. 

Summer Rec Registration to Open April 25
summerrecOnline registration for summer programs sponsored by the Ketchum Department of Parks and Recreation opens Friday, April 25 at www.ketchumidaho.org/registration.

The department prides itself on having the most affordable youth program in the Wood River Valley, John Kearney, recreation division supervisor, said. The cost is $880 for activities four days a week for 10 weeks, and the program is designed for children entering the third grade and up next fall.

Children participate in more than 30 different activities, including golf, tennis, mountain biking, art programs, gardening, birding and swimming. More than 300 joined the program last summer.

In addition to the Monday through Thursday program, there are "Friday Adventures" available at an extra cost. "Adventures" range from a Frisbee golf extravaganza on Bald Mountain to caving near Shoshone to rafting on the Salmon River.

The program is open to all, including summer visitors. You have a choice to register your child for individual activities, a daily program, two days a week, a five-week session, or for the entire summer.

Adult programs include coed soccer, coed softball, women's soccer and ultimate Frisbee. Almost 400 adults participated in the programs last year.

"The program emphasizes learning," Kearney said. "We pride ourselves on being more than a daycare service. Many children learn to hit a tennis ball or to grow cilantro for their first time during our summer program."

The program is based out of Atkinson Park and uses the park with its lawn, soccer fields, pump track and tennis courts, as well as Zenergy and the Bigwood Golf Course. "It creates a very safe campus here," he added.

Summer programs will run June 9 - Aug 15. Additional information is available by calling 726-7820, emailing John Kearney or here on the City website. 
KDPI: Community Radio for the Wood River Valley                           by Dana DuGan
John Glenn and Denise Simone from the Company of Fools theater company appear on "For a Cause."  

kdpicommradioThe Wood River Valley's first community radio station, KDPI 89.3 FM, celebrates its first anniversary Friday, April 18. The station, broadcasting from 620 N. Main St. in Ketchum, offers an eclectic mix of locally programmed and hosted talk shows, a few syndicated shows and a lot of music. KDPI is a 501c3 organization, and is listener-supported, sponsored and locally owned.


Volunteer DJs host a variety of shows including Southern roots, blues and jazz, heavy rock, world music, jam bands, Brazilian bossa nova beats and most every kind of music in between.  Talk shows cover the work of local 501c3 organizations, health and nutrition, sports, humorous news, relationships and attitude along with interviews with musical acts performing regionally.


Founder and General Manager Mike Scullion says he's "proud of the work we've done, the music we've broadcast, the thoughtful interviews we've conducted and the community events KDPI has supported through interviews and awareness."


Local politicians, musicians, artists, health providers, wellness experts and a host of other guests have all been in the chair and on the air in the studio. They are a testament to the KDPI's mission to "inform, educate, and engage."


The renewed appreciation for local voices, public access and community participation is what gives the station its unique flavor and appeal. With local relevant media sources becoming scarcer, radio continues to be about stuff we all care about. Having a friendly voice waking you up or letting you know about an important meeting or event strengthens the cultural health of the valley.


A radio-thon to raise funds to place the KDPI antenna on top of Bald Mountain will take place on the air from 8 a.m.-9 p.m. Friday, April 18 with a party from 5-8 p.m. to follow at the station at 620 N. Main Street.

Ketchum-based healer Rodney Blount and DJ Julie Johnson talk on "Our Health Culture." 


KDPI can be found on the dial at 89.3 FM and streams live 24/7 at www.kdpifm.org.  To become a member, and help support community radio, go to 89.3 FM or KDPIfm.org to donate or tune in. You also may donate by calling 928-6205.


Dan DuGan is program director of KDPI. She also hosts "The Southern Lowdown" and "For a Cause." Mayor Nina Jonas appears on "For a Cause" at noon on the Tuesday following each Ketchum City Council meeting. Her next appearance will be April 22. 

Spot-Spraying of Noxious Weeds to Start April 21
Canada Thistle

spotspraynoxiousThe City of Ketchum will begin spot-spraying noxious weeds in City rights-of-way with low-toxicity herbicide on Monday, April 21. The City will spray only specific weeds identified by the state of Idaho as "noxious." No entire rights-of-way will be sprayed and notices will be placed in affected areas 72 hours in advance, Juerg Stauffacher, parks and natural resources superintendent, said. 


It is safe for humans and animals to come in contact with the spray as soon as it is dry, he added. However, the City is taking extra precautions. Signs will be posted suggesting that people avoid the weeds for 72 hours after spraying. A special dye will allow people to see sprayed weeds easily, he added.


Residents who prefer to pull noxious weeds adjacent to their properties by hand may do so by notifying the City parks superintendent at 726-7820. The Parks Division may lend tools and provide garbage bags on request. It also is available to assist in identifying noxious weeds on public and private property and to answer questions about City policy.  


For more information on noxious weeds, click here or visit the Blaine County Weed Department.

Get Ready to Party on Sunday!

gettingreadytopartyGet out your costume and plan to party to the tune of live music at Warm Springs during the last days of the ski season this weekend. The 2014 Flashback Day'z (Where were you in '88?) begin today at Apple's Bar and Grill at the base of the Warm Springs  lifts. There will be live music through the weekend. 


The City of Ketchum is doing its part to make it easier to get there, waiving two-hour parking restrictions on selected streets near the Warm Springs ski lifts through Sunday, when the mountain closes. 


In keeping with the City's commitment to sustainability, the parking-limit signs are covered with reusable sandbags. "We are encouraging people to take the Park & Ride bus from the lot near the YMCA," Mayor Nina Jonas said.


Free Mountain Rides buses leave the Park & Ride lot at 22 and 52 minutes past the hour and leave Warm Springs on the hour and half hour. Free buses also will leave the River Run Parking Lot at 15 and 45 minutes past the hour beginning at 8:45. They will run until 4:45 p.m. Thursday and Friday and until 6:5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.  

Ketchum to Consider Ban on Circus Animal Performances

circusanimalbanFive Sage School students will go before the City Council Monday, April 21, to ask the City to prohibit performances by traveling circuses that include exotic or non-domesticated animals.


The request is an outgrowth of a spring term independent study, the Student Elephant Project, in which the five pupils studied the effect of circus life on animals.  They are sixth grader Sam Laski, seventh graders Harrison Blamires and Will Griffith and ninth graders Evathea Drougas and Kayla Chaffey. Their project advisor, Maya J.B. Burrell, will accompany them to the meeting.


"Traveling circuses are detrimental to animal welfare due to the adverse effects of captivity and transport," the proposed ordinance reads.


"The Elephant Student Project kids are still optimistic enough to believe that the only reason exotic-animal circuses are invited to perform in our community is because people don't know the truth," Maya Burrell, advisor to the project, wrote in a letter to the City Council.


The use of domesticated animals such as horses and dogs in the Wagon Days Parade and other events would still be permitted.

Road, Bridge Levy to Be On May 20 Ballot

roadbridgelevyKetchum will receive approximately $800,000 per year for street improvements and maintenance for the next two years if Blaine County voters approve a two-year road and bridge levy on May 20.


The levy is designed to raise $5.3 million each year. Half of the funds raised within each city would be returned to the city.


The City of Ketchum would hold public meetings to gather input from citizens, City staff and transportation specialists to determine how levy funds would be spent in Ketchum.


Potential uses of the levy funds include:

  • Sidewalks improvements in such locations as Main Street and First Avenue
  • New bike lanes
  • Acquisition of public rights-of-way
  • Transportation studies and engineering
  • Public street improvement projects, such as a roundabout at Warm Springs Road and Lewis Street and partnering with the Idaho Department of Transportation to widen the Trail Creek bridge to three lanes
  • Purchase of street maintenance equipment

Ketchum's Comprehensive Plan identifies one of our core values as being a "Well Connected Community." Elected officials and City staff understand the importance of providing safe routes for vehicles, pedestrians and bicycles.   

Around Town
aroundtown9Vacancy on Blaine County School District Board of Trustees - Zone No. 4
If you are interested in serving as a volunteer in a position on the Blaine County School District Board, contact Laurie Kaufman at lkaufman@blaineschools.org or Karen Hoffman at khoffman@blaineschools.org or call 578-5000. Deadline - Monday, April 21, 2014 at 3 p.m. 

BAH Set for April 30
The next Business After Hours will be April 30 at Cava Cava restaurant, 230 Walnut Ave., Ketchum, at 5 p.m. If you are interested in attending or helping with a future BAH, contact Gary Hoffman at 725-7722 or ghoffman42@yahoo.com.

Friedman Memorial Airport to Close April 28
If you're planning a trip, remember that Friedman Memorial Airport will be closed from 8 a.m. on April 28 to noon on May 22 as part of a $34 million project to improve runway safety.

Applications Coming in for City Administrator Post

More than 20 people from 11 states have applied for the position of city administrator of Ketchum. The deadline for applying is May 12. Click here for a profile of the ideal candidate.

News of Wellness Festival Reaches India

Ketchum is getting ready for the annual influx of visitors for the Sun Valley Wellness Festival, to be held May 22-26 this year. Perhaps there will even be some from India, given that the Times of India recently listed the event in an article on Yoga festivals across the world.

Leading Arts Group to Meet Here Rather than Aspen
Americans for the Arts, the leading nonprofit committed to advancing the arts in America, has selected Ketchum and Sun Valley for its 2014 Leadership Roundtable, to be held June 26-28. Marty Albertson, chair of the Sun Valley Marketing Alliance and chair of the 2014 Americans for the Arts Leadership Roundtable, instigated the discussion to move this year's summer conference from Aspen.

Ketchum Honored by Arbor Day Foundation 
Ketchum has been named a 2013 Tree City USA by the Arbor Day Foundation for its commitment to effective urban forest management. This is the tenth year in a row that Ketchum has received the honor.

Trout Unlimited Supports River Park Stream Restoration  
The Trout Unlimited Hemingway Chapter has voted to support stream restoration and enhancement, as well as an accessible fishing pier, at Ketchum's proposed River Park at Sun Peak.

Episcopal Youth Help with Rotary Park Spring Clean-Up
Rotary Park is much cleaner, thanks to 21 hours of spring clean-up volunteer labor provided by a youth group from the Episcopal Diocese of Idaho earlier this month.

Need a Summer Job? 
The Ketchum Parks & Recreation Department is hiring a summer youth recreation assistant and summer parks maintenance workers. If you are interested, you can apply here.

KDPI Radio - "For A Cause"
Tune in to KDPI 89.3 FM to hear from Mayor Nina Jonas. The half-hour program is held on Tuesday following Council meetings from noon to 12:30 p.m. Next week's show will be on Tuesday, April 22 at noon. Listen live at 89.3 or visit www.kdpifm.org.
Meeting Information
meetinginfo9City Council
Do you want exotic performing animals in Ketchum? Attend the next City Council meeting at 5:30 p.m. on Monday, April 21 to hear the discussion. Draft budget objectives will be presented, and you can stay tuned to the budget calendar. City Council meetings are held on the first and third Mondays of each month in Ketchum City Hall.  Click here to see the agenda and packet.

Planning and Zoning Commission
Planning and Zoning Commission meetings are held on the second and fourth Mondays of each month.  The next P&Z meeting will be held at 5:30 p.m. on Monday, April 28 in Ketchum City Hall.  Click here for agendas and meeting packets.

Public Comment 
If you cannot attend the Council or P&Z meetings and have an opinion, please submit your comments via email to pzcomments@ketchumidaho.org.  Your input and engagement is encouraged.  All comments will be entered into public record and reviewed by the Mayor and Council.

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