MAY 2019
Step Into Spring
Have you ever wondered why you've waited so long to put in a stone pathway? Is it the thought of trying to make all those awkward pieces fit together with a tight joint? Consider a simple solution -- install a stepping stone pathway instead.
Many customers are not aware that we sell stone by the piece, as well as the pallet, making any size job possible. Before visiting the store, measure the length and width of the area to cover. Then walk through our displays and determine the desired shape of your stepping stones: circular, irregular or dimensional. Next choose the color and texture you want. Then determine the material you will use between the stones: grass, mulch, pebbles, or even plant material.
Irregular flagstone with mulch joints.
Square cut flagstone with mulch joints.
Rectangular flagstone with gravel joints.
Irregular fieldstone with River Jax joints.
TN flagstone with baby mondo joints.
PA bluestone with baby mondo joints.
TN flagstone with mulch joints.

Any way you cut it, stepping stones are less intimidating than a full-blown pathway. Step outside your comfort zone and give it a try. We're here to help.
Just in...River Rounds.
We're excited about our new River Rounds. They make a great alternative (or complement) to mulch, and work for stone joints as well. They are available in 1-2" or 2-4" sizes. Come see next time you're in.
Mother's Day Gift Ideas
What to buy for mom?

Something to lift her spirits? How about this baby barn owl? Just $21.

Thinking about flowers? Try this seed card for $3.95? Once read, mom can plant the card and she'll have wildflowers year after year.

Or come check out our gift shop items, $25 and under, like these colorful earrings below.

Still stumped? Get her a Stone Garden gift card. I promise she'll like it.
Seed Cards $3.95
Earrings starting at $19.
D-I-Y Award
$25 Stone Garden gift card
Congrats to Janessa and friend for showing us how to turn an outbuilding into an adorable shed. Zoom in to see our new 2-4" River Rounds used as a border.
Show us what you can build. Submit your photos to Nina .

Thank your neighbor
Every spring, thanks to a dedicated neighbor on the corner, this beautiful tulip display comes to life. It brings a smile to all who pass it.

Be sure to let you neighbors know that you appreciate their handiwork.
Happy Pup
Many of you have been asking about where our mascot has gone. Willow recently informed me that, unlike all the border collies I've ever had, she wanted to be a stay-at-home dog. I told her there would be a stigma to deal with, but she said she doesn't care. So now Willow plays all day with the neighborhood dogs and is all smiles when I get home. Sadly, I think she'll be permanently MIA at the store.
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Visit us at 5726 Market Street in Wilmington (next to the Toyota dealership at Eastwood Road/MLK and Market Street).

Best Regards,
Nina Brown
Since its inception in 1998, Stone Garden has created a safe home for border collies. 

Looking for a pet? 
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