Vacation Time: Setting the Example
Taking time to relax and recharge is critical to our well-being. As leaders, we need to set the example by truly unplugging so others feel comfotable doing the same. It’s not easy to do, so have a plan and stick to it. Some of my favorite tips to take time off during the summer include:

  • Set aside defined time each day to check email, then set a timer on your phone to keep you on track (only allow one or two snoozes)

  • Don’t over-schedule your vacation—create an activity jar and select only one or two activities a day.

  • Avoid temptations: Lock your cell phone in the safe in your hotel room and/or delete distracting apps (Facebook, Twitter, games) from your phone for your vacation week
For more great information on overcoming obstacles to taking PTO, check out Crothers Coach & Trainer Janet Neal’s latest blog:

Time to Evaluate Comp Plans
This month we’re focusing on incentive compensation. At the mid-year point, it is a good time to evaluate the performance of your existing plan and consider any adjustments that may be needed to align performance to your business goals for 2022.

If you would like help evaluating an existing plan, or building a new one, Crothers’ coaches have extensive experience in compensation structure incentive plan design. We also mentor HR leaders at clients through the process, so they understand design and maintenance of a successful comp plan. Learn more about our HR Mentoring Program
Meet Our New Office Manager
We're very excited to welcome our newest Crothers team member, Lori Orrico. She has come on board as our Office Manager - her extensive skills are already evident in how she has jumped in to help keep the ship sailing smoothly!

Lori brings over 25 years of organizational experience to her new position.
Her masterful problem solving, exceptional communication skills and keen attention to detail help the Crothers team focus on turning their vision into practice by arranging the right resources.

READ MORE about Lori.
Who's Heading Back - and How?

In our May newsletter we asked our readers about returning to the office post-pandemic. Here are the results of our quick poll:

Crothers coaches’ blog on Driving Results with Thoughtful Incentive Compensation Plans speaks to the elements that make up a plan that leads to a satisfied, highly-motivated team.
to our President, Laura Crothers Osborn, on being named one of the "Top 25 Leading Women Entrepreneurs of New Jersey" by Leading Women Entrepreneurs (LWE). She will receive this award in an October ceremony.
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