This summer, Portland Downtown is proud to welcome Nora Ibrahim to our team. Nora is an undergraduate student at the University of Maine and – over the next few months – she will develop her Professional Writing skills alongside our Marketing Director. Each week, Nora will shine a spotlight on a cool downtown shop, restaurant, or point of interest. Last week, Nora told us about Baristas + Bites. Today, we get a peek inside a very special place: the Longfellow Garden .
Spotlight on Longfellow Garden
Words and Photos By Nora Ibrahim

This week’s adventure covers one of the hidden gems of Downtown Portland: the Longfellow Garden. This hidden oasis is located behind the Wadsworth-Longfellow House next to the Maine Historical Society and not far from the Portland Public Library . The garden is green, lush, and full of life – a true haven that is secluded from city streets and sounds.
Tall trees cast a gentle shadow on the garden, making it a wonderful place to cool off on hot summer days. As for the fragrance, there are scented flowers along with plants of different sorts. The guest will experience the sweet scent of nature permeating the premises.
Walking further down the “z” shaped path, the guest will hear water running from a mystical fountain. The water falls from a lion head sculpture. This adds a medieval element to the overall appearance of the space.

The style of the garden combines the traditional formation of a garden with timeless accents of wooden and metal furniture. The metal benches are decorated with intricate designs of flowers, while the wooden chairs are contrasted with multi-angled wooden flats.
Longfellow Garden is located in the heart of the city, thus making it a perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of the working environment. Anyone looking for a little peace and beauty will certainly find it here!
For more information about the Longfellow House & Garden, please click here .