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Stephen Curry will be there the entire camp!
This is an opportunity to learn from one of the true underdogs in the game of basketball. Time and time again he has cleared his own path when few gave him a chance!
Continue your journey through the game of basketball with a stop at at Stephen Curry's Skills Academy June 24th - 27th in Charlotte, NC.
#SC30June 24th - 27th 2013
Stephen Curry's 2013 Skills Academy 
2013 Stephen Curry Skills Academy
Join us June 24th - June 27th

If you haven't been watching, Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors, beat the San Antonio Spurs yesterday.  This win tied their second round playoff series at 2 games.  We are truly excited for Stephen as well as our campers.  We know that Stephen will be sharing his experiences through this season at camp!
We are in for a treat!  


Stephen Curry is coming off a record breaking year!  We are excited to announce Stephen Curry is bring his Skills Academy back to Charlotte this year!  It will be hosted at Charlotte Christian School from June 24th through June 27th.  We will have two sessions, an early session from 9am - 12pm and an afternoon session, from 1pm - 4pm.


Breakdown of the Sessions:

The early session will consist of the first 100 athletes that sign-up!  We are opening this session up to 4th - 10th Graders.  Athletes will be broken up into groups based off their age as well as experience level.

Our second session, we will reserve 30 spots for athletes in grades 5th - 9th.  This will be an extension of the first session!  We are also excited to present this opportunity to athletes age's 5 - 7 year old's.  The skill work and drills will be modified during this session but with a lot of the same emphasis.  We will reserve 30 spots for the first 30 athletes in that age category as well.


Additional Camp Information:

Stephen Curry has teamed up with us to design the camp layout including the stations and drills.    We will use a lot of the same drills Stephen goes through while getting ready for his season!  We are excited to have the opportunity to put athletes through the same ball handling, shooting, and conditioning drills Stephen uses to improve his game!


The camp will be broken down into several stations that will focus on specific skill work.  For example Stephen Curry will run a film session to teach basketball IQ and how to use game film to enhance your game.  Other stations will include, two of Stephen's favorites, ball handling as well as shooting drills!  Stephen plans to incorporate, through his experiencing, drills that will help you create space to get a shot off the dribble as well as off the ball!  This wouldn't be a Curry camp without some shooting competitions.  Stephen will be participating in these as well.  So if you think you can shoot better than the NBA's record holder for the most 3-pointers made in a single season , sign-up today for Stephen Curry's Skills Academy, June 24th - 27th, at Charlotte Christian School.





Click Here to Sign-Up for the Early Session (4th - 10th) 


Click Here to Sign-Up for the Afternoon Session (5th - 10th) - Space is limited


Click Here to Sign-Up for the K - 3rd Grade Afternoon Session 


*Any out of town athletes interested in this opportunity please feel free to give us a call or shoot us an email for more information on hotels.  We look forward to seeing you June 24th! 


See a recap of last years camp and how involved Stephen gets with each camper!
Behind the Scenes: Stephen Curry 2012 Skills Academy
Behind the Scenes: Stephen Curry 2012 Skills Academy

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