Introducing The "Diary"
The new "Diary" communique from the N.Y. home and archives of Bill and Lois Wilson, respective cofounders of A.A. and Al-Anon, highlights quarterly seasonal updates. The Diary is inspired by the writing tradition of the Wilsons, who chronicled the history of the fellowships and their lives. Lois was a lifelong diarist with many volumes in our archives. Among her writings are those from her desk (pictured on the left) from which she and Anne B. founded Al-Anon Family Groups.
Annual Picnic - Saturday, June 8
Free advance tickets for the 68th Annual Stepping Stones Lois' Family Groups Picnic become available to order online on Tuesday, April 16 at 5 p.m. EDT. In 2019, the picnic is the second Saturday in June. The entry pictured on the left from Lois' diary is her recap of the 1988 picnic, which was the last Annual Picnic held during her lifetime.
Spring on Site
Spring is a time of renewal at Stepping Stones. Flower stalks have begun to peek out of the ground and songbirds, which Lois loved, have returned. Many Spring projects are in the works - from repairing the stucco chimney to preparing the community vegetable garden for the growing season. The chimney project includes reinstalling a circle and triangle symbol just as the Wilsons displayed on their house (pictured left) as a beacon for guests trudging through the woods for a visit. Replicas of the symbol are available through our shop.
Visitor Views - 2018-2019
In 2018 we hosted 2,750 tour visitors and have welcomed 340 so far this year. Share in their inspirational comments below:

Finally I made it to Stepping Stones. To sit at Wit’s End, Bill’s desk - wow! - Maggie H., NY (Bill's desk is pictured on the left)

I became familiar with AA about 3 years ago when I met my boyfriend, who is in recovery. While I did not have much prior knowledge before coming today, I found the experience enriching and powerful. The story of Bill & Lois is incredible. - Megan, FL
... Stepping Stones had a Godly presence about it ...When I left NY almost 5 years ago I had no idea I would ever become sober. Now on my first trip back since I left I got to visit such an amazing place that means so much to me now . - Will W., FL

This was my 2-year anniversary gift from my sponsor . Love the old smell and playing the piano! - Madison A.
What inspired me to come to Stepping Stones is my own journey in Al-Anon and my fiancé is a member of A.A. I really admire what Lois and Bill created. These two programs are life savers . I don’t know that I would be able to handle my fiancé’s alcoholism and now sobriety without this program of Al-Anon. I am very grateful to be a member of Al-Anon. Thank you for taking care of this property! - Jackie C., MD

We will spread the word about Stepping Stones at home in Ireland. I feel so close to and similar to Lois as my husband is in recovery.
Thank you all.- Cathy D.
I had the pleasure of going for a tour… learned a lot and feel grateful Bill W. worked tirelessly to spread A.A. and saved my life. - DJ

As a newcomer being here in the place where recovery is possible motivates me to keep coming nourish the broken spirit that my disease left me. Recovery is possible and this place is awesome. - Daniel M.

For that I am Responsible...
I am here because of my gratitude. I am in town for a women to women conference and wanted to come with my travel ladies crew to see history of how AA began. I am responsible when anyone anywhere reaches out for help I want the hand of I to always be there.- Doreen K.

My shining star spiritual gangsta sober sister arranged this visit. What an inspiration. It was tremendously touching and incredibly powerful to be in the home where Bill and Lois lived and loved. What an honor to play her piano! Gifted by her true love. Thank you! - Anonymous
Opportunities to Serve
Whether near or far, you are invited to apply for service opportunities with Stepping Stones.

Off-Site / Remote Opportunities:

Raising Awareness
Indexing Archives
Editing & Writing
Helping with Social Media
Designing Graphics

On-Site Opportunities:

Hosting Events
Leading Tours
Assisting in the Office
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 Above photo: Bill W.'s writing studio, "Wit's End," where he wrote the book 12 Steps & 12 Traditions.