May 2017 Newsletter
In this newsletter hear from Wellspring Group Executive Director Larry Bolden about how stepping into hard places leads to glory and from WG's board on its newest members, the ministry's opportunities for increased impact and the targeted addition of key leadership positions within WG. 
In my ministry as a pastor and now director of Wellspring Group I’ve been loved and well cared for by elders and board members. 

However, in the last few years God is taking that to a whole new level through a highly experienced, skilled, results-oriented board deeply committed to helping me fulfill God’s plan for my life. I’ve often said that I long to be in a community that will see my glory and call it out while challenging the distortions that hold me back. Well, God heard that cry! 

In our 2016 board retreat we had a series of mistakes and misunderstandings that God used to do a significant healing work in my life. Moving into this year’s retreat, our board was determined to love me well as we walked through a thorough review for me. In the review meeting I experienced affirmation of who I am and how God has used me. Then they shared three specific ways they wanted to see me grow. It was not easy, particularly one area, but I knew they loved me. Through this process as well as walking with a few other brothers, I saw that I often respond to challenges by explaining and justifying instead of simply seeking to hear the person and God through them. That was not easy to see, but is becoming very helpful. 

Part of the board’s challenge to me was to work with our staff in obtaining feedback in several areas. That, too, has been challenging, yet loving and helpful.  At the same time in our Battle for Your Marriage team Mary and I have been working on a Psalm 51 Prayer of Repentance in the midst of understanding and seeking to break our Dance of Fear and Pride. My prayer of repentance focused on my arrogance and how that has negatively affected those around me. This week Mary and I shared our Dance of Fear and Pride with our team and, of course, I received loving feedback. 

As I’ve reflected on these three environments God has given me of our board, staff, and marriage team, it seems that God has put me on a fast track to sanctification since I’m 64 and “profoundly broken.” I am brought to tears as I experience God satisfying the longing of my heart to live in a community that will not be satisfied with anything less than the glory of God in me and people who are willing to step into the hard places, take a risk and “spur me on to love and good deeds.”  As I look back on the beautiful fruit coming out of the board’s challenges to me, I’m humbled and grateful to them and the God they all love and serve. I am a very blessed man. This journey is not easy, but it is indeed very good.

Larry Bolden
Wellspring Group's 2017 Board retreat was a special time of connection, team building and savoring the legacy of Spencer and Emily Hall for the contributions they have made in many parts of the Wellspring story.

Spencer and Emily were both involved in the writing of the follow-through process. They have served as facilitators, recruited teams and Spencer has faithfully served on the board for the past six years. We had a beautiful time of affirmation and celebrating the goodness of the Lord through this precious couple. 

Reflecting on what God has done in his heart over the last 6 years, Spencer said, "The lesson that keeps coming back to me is that my worth is not defined by my performance. The Enemy has consistently hunted me with the lie that my impact justifies my person-hood. The Lord has used the Wellspring board experience to help me grow in experiencing his truth and his love."

As Spencer rotated off the board WG welcomed Bryan Taylor and Dustin Britt.

W hen asked what led him to join the Wellspring board, Dustin described how both he and his wife, Katie, felt God calling them to deepen their involvement with Wellspring as they neared the end of the Battle for the Heart process. 
 “Wellspring has had a profound impact on both of our hearts, as well as our marriage, and we desire to see the Wellspring ministry expand in order to give more people access to the kind of heart and domain-changing impact we have experienced in our own lives,” he said.

Bryan expressed a similar personal experience and desire to see the ministry's impact expanded. 
"I believe that the calling of community is more significant today than at any time in the last century," he said. "The millennial generation longs to be part of a community and at its heart Wellspring can help our churches create a much deeper level of community than we see today. It is the goal of advancing the Kingdom through community in the local church that drew me onto the Wellspring board, and I look forward to serving alongside other men and women to help make the dream of “holistic” Christian community a reality in the local body of Christ."   
Over the past year Wellspring Group's board has been in a strategic assessment of the ministry seeking to set the course for the next five to ten years. They have been faced with the question of whether God is leading Wellspring Group to grow to the next level or simply stand the course. After an initial assessment and prayerful consideration the WG board believes whole heartedly that God is inviting WG to increase the breadth of transformational impact through the Battle for the Heart. The objective for the next two years will be to work to:
  • Finish the book
  • Build the capacity of our organization, particularly our staff, enabling us to explore key opportunities
  • Develop an effective overall funding strategy that will empower us to build our organizational capacity

These are the highest priorities in addition to everyday operations to bring the Battle for the Heart to teams and churches, equipping men and women to become who God created them to be. Wellspring Group is grateful for the extraordinary group of men and women serving on the board and leading the next few years. They bring a wide variety of business and ministry experience along with a deep love for Wellspring Group. 

 As part of  Wellspring Group's board's decision to move forward with expansion we are seeking to add a Managing Director to our team. This person will be primarily responsible for developing and overseeing operations and systems that empower Wellspring to effectively achieve its vision and mission and broaden impact.   

Priority consideration will be given to someone who has already been through the Battle for the Heart Process.

Since this position will require funding beyond the current operating budget, we will seek special funding and ask the individual to raise a portion of his/her salary.   

We invite you to join us praying for God’s provision and resources. It is our hope to have this person in place by the first quarter of 2018.

A full copy of the Managing Director job description is available here: Managing Director 2017  

If you have any questions about this position or would like to be considered, please contact Abby at A cover letter and resume are requested.  
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