What is the ECC Insider?
The ECC Insider is designed for United Way's employee campaign coordinators (ECCs), to give you tips and resources to make your campaign a success. You can see our collection of these and other resources in our Campaign Toolkit.
Update Contacts
Not an ECC for 2022? No problem. Just send the contact information for your company's new ECC to Chelsie Deaton or Stephanie Buchanan by August 12 so we can update our records.

Thank you for your commitment to our community.
Campaign Planning
Campaign Timeline
Now is the time to form a plan for this year's United Way campaign. Follow along with the Keys to a Successful Campaign to help you get started, and familiarize yourself with the other resources in our Campaign Toolkit. While campaigns can take a variety of shapes, a suggested timeline could be as follows:

Before Campaign
  • Reach out to your United Way contact to discuss the logistics of your campaign.
  • Consider recruiting a team from your company to help plan, run and promote your campaign.
  • Set a campaign goal.
  • Decide on a campaign theme.
  • Choose the dates your campaign will run.
  • Plan a kickoff event.
  • Plan how you will promote your campaign. Work with leadership to develop messages to the staff and identify incentives for donating.
  • Begin communicating with your company's leadership and any team members who will collaborate with you on campaign.
  • Consider other logistics, such as tracking results or recognizing donors.

During Campaign
  • Host a campaign kickoff event.
  • Host events or activities for your team while your campaign is running to keep interest and engagement up.
  • Educate employees about United Way's work.
  • Publicize your campaign with communications such as social media posts, emails and intranet highlights.

After Campaign
  • Promptly fill out your campaign envelope and return it to United Way.
  • Thank your participants with thank-you messages, prizes or other participation incentives.
  • Seek opportunities to turn your campaign's momentum into philanthropic opportunities for your team throughout the rest of the year.
Work with your contact from United Way of Racine County
Stephanie Buchanan
Investor Relations Manager
United Way of Racine County
Chelsie Deaton
Investor Relations Manager
United Way of Racine County
Whether this is your first time running a campaign with United Way or you're a seasoned expert, we are here to help make sure you and your team have what you need to be successful from start to finish! Your United Way contact can assist with planning activities for your campaign, creating incentives and campaign goals and more.

Contact Chelsie Deaton or Stephanie Buchanan to get started by letting them know the dates of your company campaign and to set up a time for your United Way presentation.
Recruit a Team
Why not build a campaign team to bring new ideas and share the work? Seek team members from different departments, demographics and skills sets to participate. You can use the Keys to a Successful Campaign as a sample set of responsibilities to split.

Meet with your CEO
Involving your CEO can help you reach more of your employee base and authorize bold strategies to gain support. Consider raising the following topics for discussion:

  • Campaign dates
  • Corporate goal
  • Corporate giving
  • Presentations
  • Engagement opportunities
  • Campaign events
  • Leadership letters for employees

Don't forget that United Way is here to be a part of your team, too. For ideas, resources or any other support you need, just let us know.
Set a Goal
Goal setting is an essential component of any successful campaign. Companies that set goals see higher participation rates and average gifts, resulting in more support for the Racine County community. Most companies strive to increase their employee goal by 5 to 15 percent over the previous year's results.

Here are just a few examples of goals your company could set:

  • Set a response goal to encourage employees to attend campaign presentations and engage with campaign emails, events and the Centennial Sweepstakes.
  • Set a participation goal based on the number of employees you hope will donate.
  • Ask donors to increase their previous year's donation by a predetermined percentage.

We highly recommend planning a goal-setting meeting with your United Way of Racine County campaign contact person. They can guide you in creating customized goals that make sense for your company and on the most effective ways to offer incentives that reward employees for donating.
Get involved with United Way of Racine County
Help us celebrate our centennial year! We have lots of exciting events and opportunities to get involved as we head into our 100th campaign season:

  • Centennial Mini Golf
  • Saturday, Aug. 6, 10 a.m.-2 p.m. at Buddy's Sports Grill/Mulligan's Mini Golf, 6633 Douglas Ave., Racine.
  • Join us to score a hole-in-one, pick up some United Way swag and learn more about our work in Racine County! View our Facebook event for more details.
  • Centennial Kickoff and Day of Caring
  • Saturday, Sept. 17, 8-9 a.m. at Delta Hotels Racine, 7111 Washington Ave. Hwy 20, Racine.
  • Join us for breakfast as we officially kick off our centennial campaign! Individuals who have opted to partake in a volunteer project for Day of Caring will head to their volunteer site after kickoff.
  • See our website for more information.
Tools for Success