Congratulations to Connor Cholez for being our April Athlete of the Month. Connor is a 7th grader at Cherry Hills Christian in Highlands Ranch and his favorite subject is social studies.  

Connor plays competitive baseball for the Slammers, his team name is Wild and wait until you hear about this baseball club, it’s earned it’s wild. His team is a tournament only team, so he plays about 70 games a season.  Besides the local tournaments, he’ll play in Phoenix, Cooperstown and just recently, his team was invited to play in Atlanta.  Connor is by far the fastest kid on the team, so he steals a lot of bases.  In addition to playing baseball, Connor also enjoys skiing, track and hanging out with family and friends.  

We asked Connor how Matt and Sterling’s Team Speed have made a difference in his training and here’s what was said. “Matt pushes me more than I can ever push myself.  He is also a great mentor to me.  Sterling’s Team Speed trainers and athletes make me want to be better!”   

We also asked him what he liked most about Sterling’s Team Speed.  “All the trainers and especially Matt!” Straight to the point, Connor, we like it.  All the trainers, especially Matt, like you too!

Just for fun, we also asked Connor if he knows where he’d like to go to college yet and if he knows what he wants to be when he grows up.  Connor loves TCU so he’d love to attend TCU and play baseball and be an Engineer when he grows up.

Way to go, Connor!  Congratulations again from your friends at Sterling’s Team Speed!