August 2017 Newsletter
“The key is not the will to win. Everybody has that. It is the will to prepare to win that is important.”  –  Bobby Knight
Sports Performance
A LOT is happening this month with our Sports Performance Membership!!
Starting AUGUST 13th , we will be switching back to our school calendar. Sports Performance will be held in the evenings Monday-Thursday and Sunday!

* Be sure to check our website for age group specifics!

Don't forget to sign up for our Sports Performance Fall Special!

For September and October ONLY we are offering a
$99/month Sports Performance Membership!

Sign up by August 15th to receive this amazing special!

Have you thought about in-season training for your team??

Sterling's Team Speed is the perfect place to get some extra training on throughout the season. In order to stay fit and keep your athletes on the field, we focus on speed, agility, fitness, maintenance, and mechanics while in season.

With fall in the air and bad weather around the corner, Sterling's Team Speed can also offer training security- even when outdoor practices get cancelled!
Time is running out to purchase our Summer Special $50 Private Training sessions!!

August 15th is the last date that $50 sessions can be purchased.

***NOTE $50 sessions are valid until 3 months post purchase date!
Welcome to the Team, Jake Renaud!

Born and raised in the state of New Hampshire, Jake utilizes his diverse educational and professional experience to optimize his training method. With his Master’s studies focused in coaching and motivation, he works hard to connect with and motivate each individual he works with by taking a friendly and energetic approach. Jake earned his BS in Exercise Science from the University of New Hampshire, and his MS in Sport Studies from University of New Hampshire as well.

Jake’s training background has been primarily focused in a Post-Rehabilitation and Sport Performance setting. He has experience working alongside doctors and physical therapists to help athletes return to sport after injury, with a special interest in helping ACL repairs return to sport.

Jake’s athletic background as an NCAA Division I Hammer Thrower, along with his experience as a trainer, have helped establish his knowledge of Olympic and Powerlifting techniques. Jake’s experience allows him to identify imbalances and deficiencies that he works to correct through a comprehensive and functional training approach. While Jake enjoys working in a performance setting, he also enjoys working with individuals to help them reach their general fitness, weight loss and healthy lifestyle goals.

Jake also runs half-marathons recreationally and enjoys working with other runners to help optimize their performance and reduce the likelihood of injury. Jake works hard to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle and looks forward to the opportunities he has to improve the lives of others.

As a coach, Jake utilizes a creative training approach, emphasizing specific exercise selection, appropriate progression, and program design to reduce injury risk while improving aspects of strength, endurance, mobility and motivation to help individuals of all fitness levels and athletic abilities reach their goals.

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