Sterling's Team Speed August 2018 Newsletter
Persistence can change failure into extraordinary achievement.  – Matt Biondi
by Nicki Fraser
Welcome back to Word On The Street readers! For today’s article we are focusing on the 2 pro soccer leagues in the U.S. The MLS and the NWSL. The MLS is the men’s league with a smashing 23 teams but the women’s league, NWSL, only has 9 teams. The leagues function differently and the wages certainly don’t even compare. The highest paid NWSL player is only paid 450,000 from her club team while the highest paid player in the MLS, Giovinco, makes 7.115 MILLION dollars a year just from his club team. While we are still on the wage debate both of these players are central forwards. In other words they score all the goals. In the MLS the highest paid member of the back line makes 1 million dollars compared to 7 million for a striker. I mean it’s no secret that forwards get paid much much much more than defenders but why is that exactly. Yes they score the goals to win but what about the people who keep goals out. For years the world has been taken by storm by Messi, Ronaldo, and Neymar. But what about, Sergio Ramos, Marcello, Umtiti(Guy who scored to send France to the WC finals) John Terry, Gerard and so many others. These guys and many other women have been forgotten for all of the hard work they do. Just saying forwards, you do get past your defenders, but who is there when you don’t. Don’t forget to watch MLS and NWSL games! Thank you for reading and hope you never forget the hidden figures!

About the Author:

This is Nicki Fraser, the author of the word on the street column. She is 12 and is a local here in Highlands Ranch. She plays soccer and goes to school at Skyview Academy. She is going into 7th grade and will play on the '06 ECNL team at Real. She has 2 soccer expert parents and an older sister who also plays soccer. As a sport person from a sport family. she wanted to write something that got people excited about sports and maybe even help them. That's the purpose of the Word on The Street column. Thanks so much for reading and she’ll see you next time on Word on The Street!
August Athlete of the Month:
Juliauna Hayward
My name is Juliauna Hayward. I am 14 years old and play for Real Colorado U14 DA girls and I am also on the U.S. U14 Girls National Team. In my young soccer journey, I have been to four U.S. U14 National Camps and one U.S. U15 National Camp. My most recent accomplishment was being picked to represent the USA at the U15 International CONCACAF tournament in Bradenton, FL. I will be part of a roster of 18 girls selected from our country playing on the U14 Girls National Team, we will be playing up a year, so I am very proud to be part of this!

In my downtime, I like to play soccer, hang out with my friends and family, shop, explore beautiful Colorado, and go to the movies.

My biggest goal is to be on the Women’s National Team and with perseverance and determination, I will strive to be the best player I can be! A big thanks to Lyle Lebere and all my Real Colorado coaches and to Sterling Joseph and all the Team Speed staff for pushing me to be my very best!!!

Tyler Jenkins
I was born in Oklahoma city, OK, and moved to Longmont, CO when I was 3. I am 22 years old, and I graduated from UNC in Greeley, CO with a BS in Sports and Exercise Science. Throughout my life I have played many sports, the two I played the most were soccer and baseball. Other sports I played were basketball, football, fencing, swimming, and rugby. In college, I participated in dodgeball, flag football, and softball intramurals, I enjoy staying active and also having a chill day at home watching shows. I'm very passionate about fitness and will always willingly talk about how to increase strength and muscle mass. 

Education: BS in Sport and Exercise Science

Certifications: AED/First aid/CPR certified, ASEP (American Sports Education Program), working on CPT

Focus: S trength, Power, Hypertrophy and Speed

~Use Your Time Wisely~

Designed to accommodate injured athletes to be able to return to play faster and stronger. An injury should not stop you from training and conditioning the rest of your body.  Take advantage of our program to get you back on the field!
  • Use practice time to schedule training sessions
  • Continue to train while your team is traveling
  • Stay strong, fit and mentally challenged while you recover
  • Our coaches work along side your doctor, physical therapist,  athletic trainer and coach
  • Help prevent re-injury

Frequency of training is based on specific injury and anticipated recovery time.

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