Congratulations to Addison Stultz for being our January Athlete of the Month. Addison is a 4th grader at Saddle Ranch Elementary School in Highlands Ranch and her favorite subjects are History, P.E. and learning cursive writing.  Addie currently plays competitive soccer for Real Colorado. In addition to soccer, Addie loves spending time outdoors hiking and riding horses at her family cabin near Estes Park. She also enjoys archery and looks forward to taking more lessons when she has a break from soccer. When she isn’t on the pitch, Addie has fun riding her bike and scooter around the neighborhood and having sleepovers with her friends.

We asked Addison how Matt and Team Speed have made a difference in her training and here’s what her family said. “Last May, Real Colorado made the mandated move to form teams based on birth year. Since Addie was born at the end of November 2006, she was one of the younger girls trying out for the 2006 age group. Matt helped Addie mentally and physically prepare for tryouts and we’re pleased to report Addie maintained her team level (White). Besides increasing Addie’s physical strength and endurance, Matt’s coaching has vastly improved her speed and quickness while simultaneously teaching her to focus, remain positive, and never give up. More importantly, Matt has helped build her confidence. His positive influence is showing in her performance on the soccer field and personal successes achieved at school.”

We also asked her what she liked most about Team Speed.  Addie loves going to Team Speed! She looks forward to seeing Matt and thinks it’s really cool that the other trainers/coaches also know her name and take the time to talk to her. Of course, she’s always excited to stop by Kira’s office after her workouts to say hello to Bentley.

Just for fun, we also asked Addison if she knows where she’d like to go to college yet, if she knows what she wants to be when she grows up and to share with us any additional fun facts, here’s what she had to say. “Luckily, Addie has a lot of time to decide where to go to college, but right now she’s thinking about following in her mom’s footsteps and attending the University of Nebraska – Lincoln. Her second choice is Colorado State University in Fort Collins. “Addie’s first choice professionally right now is to be a professional soccer player, but a backup plan might be to become an architect.  Addison has a creative side and is very good at art and writing.  She loves designing and building things!” 

Finally, Addie began working out with Matt at Team Speed in May, 2016. Since that time, we’ve witnessed her personal development flourish. She’s become a natural leader in her classroom at school and was appointed to the position of Assistant Program Director for Saddle Ranch Elementary School Student Broadcast. This is an extracurricular club where students write, film, edit and produce monthly T.V. broadcasts for their student body audience.

Way to go, Addie!  Congratulations again from your friends at Team Speed!