December 2016 Newsletter
"Our key emphasis is driving excellence in sports performance while bettering the whole person for present and future success in athletics and life"
Team Speed's 4th Annual
Thanksgiving Workout

Thank you to everyone for coming out
for another great cause!  
We hope you all had as much fun as we did!

Sports Recovery Center at
Sterling's Team Speed
Now Open!!

Membership Benefits:

Unlimited Access
Hot and Cold Therapy Tubs
Elevated Legs Compression Recovery Boots
Spin Bikes
Foam Rollers, Therapy Balls & Bands

Sports Recovery Center
Membership Pricing:

Pricing Per Month

Month-to-month $95/month

12-month $69/month

Discount with Training Membership $59/month

Meet Carlee Riggle

Congratulations to Carlee Riggle for being our December Athlete of the Month.  Carlee is a 6th grader at Powell Middle School and her favorite subject is Language Arts.    

Carlee currently plays competitive soccer for Colorado United.  In addition to soccer, Carlee also likes to go hiking, be outdoors and travel to go see family because she doesn’t have any in Colorado.    

We asked Carlee how Matt and Team Speed have made a difference in her training and here’s what she said.  “Matt and Team Speed have made me stronger, faster and mentally tougher.  I train in ways that I’ve never trained before and I like to try new things and challenge myself.  I like how I can talk to Matt about my sport and how he pumps me up for the games!” 

We also asked her what she liked most about Team Speed and she responded, “I like to work hard, it makes me feel good when I finish a tough session because I know I accomplished something.  I like that the trainers help on the specific sport that you play and how they prepare you for the regular season and tryouts.”

Just for fun, we also asked Carlee if she know’s where she’d like to go to college yet, if she knows what she wants to be when she grows up and to share with us any additional fun facts, here’s what she had to say.  “Even though college is 7 years away I like Arizona State University and the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) and I don’t know what I want to be yet!  That’s good Carlee, keep your options open, you have plenty of time.  Final fun facts about Carlee, she was born in Arizona and loves the desert.  In fact, she just went hiking in Arizona over Thanksgiving.  

Great Job, Carlee!  Good luck on the soccer fields!  

Welcome Evan Gartrell, USA Weightlifting CPT -
Our Newest Addition!

My professional philosophy about physical activity is that with most of the population living a sedentary lifestyle, sitting at a desk working on a computer by day just to come home to cook too much food for the family while watching the latest reality TV series or playing video games by night, people need a lifestyle change. These individuals need to be guided through exercise routines that reduce stress levels, expend energy, and allow them to make advancements every day. My goal is to show people that exercise can be fun and enjoyable, using different types of equipment in the gym setting or household objects at a nearby park, as well as their own bodyweight if on the go. It should not feel like a chore or punishment that everyone dreads but instead an everyday activity that people look forward to participating in. 

As a Certified Personal Trainer at Team Speed, it is my objective to get people moving and enjoying life more by playing with materials that are in their immediate environment.

                  Contact me at:                           or                    call me at 303-250-1995.  

                Sterling's Team Speed                  8170 S. University Blvd. #190,    Centennial, 80122. 

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