Congratulations to Colin McFadyen for being our February Athlete of the Month. Colin is a Sophomore at Heritage High School and his favorite subject is AP Chemistry.   Colin currently plays competitive soccer for United and for his high school, he’s been playing soccer for 11 years. At school, besides soccer, Colin also enjoys swimming and being a part of LINK (Leaders Inspiring Networks and Knowledge) a leadership program. Outside of school, he likes to go to the park with his friends to play soccer or football, he likes spending time with his 96-year-old grandma who just moved to Colorado, and he likes playing the FIFA game with his friends whenever he finds time. 
We asked Colin how Matt and Sterling’s Team Speed have made a difference in his training and here’s what he said. “Matt and Sterling’s Team Speed have made a difference in my training by pushing me to the next level.  They have taught me that everything is in the head and that if you push past that you can do whatever you want!  The training I’ve been given has taken a former 6’2” skinny kid to a strong and more coordinated person by improving my athletic capabilities greatly.”  We also asked him what he likes most about Sterling’s Team Speed.  Colin likes that Sterling’s Team Speed feels like everyone there is a family.  “Yes, his trainer is Matt, but it feels like every coach in the place is also his trainer.  I know every trainer now and have learned a lot from them just by talking to them.  It’s great that all the coaches are very friendly to everyone that walks in the door.”  
Just for fun, we also asked Colin if he knows where he’d like to go to college yet and if he knows what he wants to be when he grows up, here’s what he had to say. “Colin hasn’t figured out where he’d like to go to college yet, but knows it will need to be a school with a high achieving math and science program.  He’s looking at both in-state and out-of-state possibilities.”  As far as what he wants to be when he “grows up”, he knows that his passion for math and science are steering him towards an engineer career of some sort.  
Way to go, Colin!  Congratulations again from your friends at Sterling’s Team Speed!