Sterling's Team Speed July 2018 Newsletter
"Life has its ups and downs... We call them squats."
by Nicki Fraser
Hello everyone and Welcome back to word on the Street! This month we are going to be talking about the World Cup!!! This sporting event is the greatest soccer event known to man! On Thursday June 14 is when it started with 24 teams and on July 15 is when it ends with only 1 left standing. The last world cup back in 2014 was a blowout by Germany over Brazil 7-1. Will history repeat itself and will Germany win or will a new team hold the trophy? Only one way to find out! Personally I think France is going to win because they have awesome young, up and coming players on their team. I mean don’t even get me started on Pogba and Mbappe but there are many others! Well that’s my prediction for the 2018 WORLD CUP!!! What’s yours?

So after talking about the World Cup this isn’t just a sporting event. It’s a cultural thing. Be proud of where you come from! I am from Germany and Jamaica. Sadly, Jamaica didn’t qualify for the world cup but Germany did and they are pretty good! Also every world cup there is an awesome song to go with it. In 2010 it was “Waka Waka” which rocks and for the 2018 World Cup their song is ”Live It Up” Which is also awesome! I hope you guys enjoy the world cup and have a great summer! Closing off for July,

-Nicki Fraser :)

About the Author:

This is Nicki Fraser, the author of the word on the street column. She is 12 and is a local here in Highlands Ranch. She plays soccer and goes to school at Skyview Academy. She is going into 7th grade and will play on the '06 ECNL team at Real. She has 2 soccer expert parents and an older sister who also plays soccer. As a sport person from a sport family. she wanted to write something that got people excited about sports and maybe even help them. That's the purpose of the Word on The Street column. Thanks so much for reading and she’ll see you next time on Word on The Street!
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Real Colorado DA/ ECNL

We're Celebrating!!
The U17 DA Real Colorado Girls team has made it to the US Nationals and will be competing in Kansas City for the gold next week!

They've been in here training (and recovering) HARD. Help us send them off and wish them luck!
Athlete of the Month
Kylie Szilagyi
Kylie Szilagyi is a fourteen year-old competitive rock climber who competes in sport, speed and bouldering events. Kylie qualified to compete at Nationals in July for sport and speed climbing. Sport climbing is type of climbing that utilizes a rope which the climber attaches to clips as they progress up a route that can be as high as 60-70ft. Speed climbing utilizes a standard 15 meter route that the competitors must complete as quickly as possible. A 15 meter wall can be completed as quickly as 10 seconds for the top climbers. For Kylie to compete at the National level requires all types of training, which includes working on agility, speed, power and endurance. Kylie climbs for Team DBC (Denver Bouldering Club) and climbs on average 4-5 days a week along with working with Matt at Team Sterling once a week. Kylie also loves to climb outside at climbing destinations across Colorado. Kylie will be a freshman at Rock Canyon in the fall and when she isn’t climbing or going to school, she enjoys reading and playing with her dog, Bailey.
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