Sterling's Team Speed June 2018 Newsletter
"Excellence is not a singular act, but a habit. You are what you do repeatedly"- Shaquille O'Neal
Introducing Our Newest Column!
"Word on the Street"
written by our very own,
Nicki Fraser

About the Author:

My name is Nicola Fraser and I am the author of the Word on the Street column. I am a soccer player for Real Colorado and train at Sterling's Team Speed. I will be writing articles that you can read right here in the monthly newsletter. My articles will focus on sports related topics from strength training to other sports and pro-athletes. When people read my column, my goal is to let them know the inside scoop of what’s happening in the sports world today and to give them a little extra knowledge in this hidden corner of the world. Sometimes it will be about how you can help your game by staying safe and learning about new injury prevention methods or what is going on with famous athletes. Thank You and I hope you enjoy Word on The Street articles!
Word on the Street
By: Nicki Fraser

"The Why and the How "

Welcome back readers! Today’s topic is the inside scoop to………..INJURY PREVENTION! Here’s the why: That is basically the reasons why everyone hates to get hurt. Now, here’s the how: These are some pointers on how to reduce the risk of injury!  
The Why:
1 . You get hurt and it takes a long time to heal.
2. You finally heal and then just start rehab.
3. You are finally good to go but have missed so much and it takes super long to come back.
The How:
1. You need to eat well and get a good amount of sleep.
2.  Strengthen muscles and be careful! (Listen to your body! Ice things that need to be iced and stay off of things that are hurting)
3. BE HYDRATED and RESTED! (Just remember: don’t over do it or that can lead to serious overuse injury)
Summer Sport Performance is a hit!!!
Thank you to all of our amazing athletes and their families for making this program
a great success!
June 4th- August 9th 2018

Summer 2018 Sports Performance Schedule:
2018 Program Includes:

*  UNLIMITED   training 5 days/week Monday-Friday
*Age Group Specific Training
*Parents have   FREE   access to cardio equipment

Real Colorado DA/ ECNL Partnership:

Exciting news!!
This Fall will mark our 4th year of partnering with the Real Colorado Soccer DA & ECNL BOYS AND GIRLS TEAMS!

Our coaches work with each team weekly, on an individual basis to help these elite athletes maintain strength and fitness, improve speed and explosiveness, and focus heavily on injury prevention.

We also educate and instruct the players on the importance of recovery, and run their post game recovery sessions.

Currently, we are working with these teams in preparation for ECNL & DA playoffs in June!
Wishing the Best of Luck to our
U13 National Girls,
as they head out to play in the Regional Championships in Hawaii!!
Go show Region 4 what Colorado is made of!
June Athlete of the Month:
Ben Ezell
Ben goes to Chatfield Senior High School, I will be a Senior in the Fall. When we asked him what his favorite subject is, he replied "math" without hesitation. When Ben isn't playing soccer or studying, he enjoys skiing and participating in several clubs. He also likes to volunteer at his church and for SNHS (Science National Honor Society). In addition, Ben's competitive nature is not limited to just the soccer field and the classroom. Ben also competes in DECA for his school.

When we asked him where he'd like to go to college, he let us know that he is looking at several 4-year universities at the moment and is trying to find the right fit for his athletics and academics. We also asked Ben if he had any idea what he wants to study in college and pursue career-wise. He informed us that he wants to be a biomedical engineer.

We have had the pleasure of working with and getting to know Ben because of his passion for soccer. Ben is one of the most disciplined athletes we've ever met. For YEARS now, Ben has been training with Sterling 3 times a week before school. He does what it takes to be excellent. When we asked Ben how training with Sterling has made a difference in his training, he explained that Sterling helps him stay fit and match- ready. We also asked him what he appreciates most about training at Sterling's Team Speed and he said, "My favorite part of working at Team Speed is the environment. It pushes me to work my hardest and never quit".

Thanks for sharing, Ben! Can't wait to see what this next year has in store for you!

Welcome to the Team, Trey Thurmond!

Education : BS in Exercise Science at Colorado Mesa University

Training and Experience: Born in El Paso, Texas, Trey grew up in the Aurora area playing a wide range of sports including soccer, baseball, hockey, and lacrosse. He continued playing lacrosse through high school and 4 years as a Maverick at Colorado Mesa. While at Mesa, Trey majored in Exercise Science and interned at the Monfort Family Performance Lab on campus working with athletes in fitness and physiology. Trey also volunteered time coaching Grand Valley youth lacrosse teams and special needs children in a program called Challenger Baseball. Trey gives back to lacrosse by working at the Vail shootout lacrosse tournament every summer.

Focus: After an 8 year lacrosse career, Trey has learned the importance of a strong team dynamic and the mental toughness required to strive to be the best athlete possible. Trey aims to bring a positive attitude to coaching each athlete to allow the improvement of each unique skill and ultimate capabilities. One quote Trey believes every athlete should bring to each workout “Practice doesn’t make perfect, only perfect practice makes perfect”- Alex Ovechkin. 

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