Sterling's Team Speed November 2017 Newsletter
"Champions Are Made During The Off Season"

There's still time! Get your team registered for off- season training here at Sterling's Team Speed! Take advantage of the break and make our specialized training a priority! With a focus on speed/agility, strength, conditioning, flexibility and injury prevention, we will have you faster, stronger, and ready to tackle next season!

How to Schedule Your Team:

  • Please have preferred training dates/times available
  • Please include your team's start date, end date, and dates that need to be excluded (holidays, travel dates etc.)
  • We DO NOT take reservations less than 6 weeks
  • $200/session
  • 50% deposit required ONE WEEK after making reservation

To make your reservation, call (303)-779-3640 or email

Moms and Dads:

We are now offering an Adult Personal Training Special for the parents of athletes attending off season team trainings here at Sterling's Team Speed!

Kiss your days of waiting in the car goodbye! What better way to pass the time than training yourself?!

For only $45/session you can achieve your personal fitness goals while your kids are training with their teams.

*sessions can be shared with one other person
Sterling's Team Speed 5th Annual Thanksgiving Workout

Start your Thanksgiving Day off the right way... SWEATY!!

Join us this year for our 5th Annual FREE Thanksgiving workout. We just ask that you bring at least one non-perishable food item to be donated.

Our Thanksgiving workout will be held at
8:00 am Thanksgiving Day
November 23rd

Feel free to invite friends and family! Everyone is welcome!!
November Tip for Peak Performance:

Add Variety to Your Workout Regimen

It's a well understood concept that when athletes are working toward a specific sport performance goal,the training load should be progressively increased. What tends to get overlooked is the need for variation. Without diversity, an athlete is much more likely to hit a plateau in both performance and results. Not to mention, a lack of variation in training increases risk of injury because the same muscle groups are being worked tirelessly, while others aren't even being engaged. This is where our job comes in with sport perfomormance training! It is not only up to us to keep you fit and ready to go, we need to keep you functional, injury free and having fun on the field!
Cassandra Romero
Our November Athlete of the Month
Congratulations to Cassandra Romero on being our November Athlete of the Month. Cass is Sophomore at Mountain Vista High School and her favorite subject is history.  

Outside of school, Cass plays competitive soccer for the Real Colorado U16 ECNL team. Cass has been playing soccer since she was 5 years old and aspires to continue her soccer career in college. When she's not at school or soccer, Cass enjoys hanging out with her friends, going on walks with her dog Judah, going on bike rides and spending time with her family. She also loves photography and painting. 

We asked Cass how training with Sterling has made a difference in her soccer career and here's what she said,“ Sterling’s has made me a more dedicated athlete. I have been training at Sterling’s Team Speed for close to 5 years now. I think it has really helped my stamina and strengthened my body and mind. I have become stronger and faster than I was before. ” We also asked Cass what she liked most about Sterling’s Team Speed and she said, “ I like the one on one training I receive. Sterling really challenges me to be better and push myself harder every time. I also think of Sterling’s as my family. Everyone here is so nice and helpful with training and recovery.

We also asked Cass if she knows where she’d like to go to college yet. Cass said she is undecided on college for now, but she has narrowed it down to a few that she is really interested in. She's looking forward to visiting them to see where she will be studying and playing soccer for the next 4 years. 

At the end of all our athlete questions, we always ask if there’s anything else the athlete would like to share. Here’s what she had to say, “ Soccer is my favorite activity and it keeps me busy year around. I enjoy competing in games and going on trips with my team. We usually get to explore the city that we are traveling to so I think I am pretty lucky to get that experience. I love to laugh and have fun with friends! ” 

Way to go, Cass! Congratulations again from your family here at Sterling’s Team Speed!