Sterling's Team Speed September 2017 Newsletter
Recovery drinks and snacks now available for purchase!
Have you heard? Sterling's Team Speed is now offering recovery drinks and snacks for purchase after your workout! Currently, our beverages include water, chocolate milk and Gatorade. As for snacks go, we have Nature Valley Granola Bars, Pure Protein Bars, Fruit Leather and Probars.

In order to accurately and effectively keep track of each child's snack/drink purchases, we are instilling a "country club" style of payment. We are now keeping permission slips on file for children whose parents have given consent for their child to take a recovery drink/ snack after training. Then, at the end of the month, we will charge the card we have on file for the total amount of drinks/snacks taken that month.

*Note: drinks and snacks can be purchased on an individual day-to-day basis, but if your child is training here frequently, it may be easier to allow them to have a running tab. We just need a permission slip on file in order to do so.
Don't Forget!! Our Adult Personal Training Special is Still Happening!
We are offering personal training sessions for adults at $49/session!! (*excludes training with Sterling)

Register Online to get 10 personal training sessions for $499 (regularly $650!!)

Offer ends October 1st , but all discounted sessions can be used up to 3 months post purchase date!
Small Group In-Season Training
Are you having a hard time getting your entire team to commit to an extra night of training here at Sterling's Team Speed??

Don't forget that we do offer in season training for small groups! If you have a group of 3-4 that can coordinate schedules and want to train, give us a call!

  • 1 session $90
  • 5 sessions $425
  • 10 sessions $800
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