September 2018 Newsletter
"Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going."
 ~Jim Ryan, Olympic Athlete
Cameron Plummer
Born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas, Cameron will be bringing an eager to learn attitude accompanied with a great sense of humor. Football and powerlifting were a staple for Cameron until an accidental shoulder injury sidelined him for the remainder of high school. Though sports ended soon for Cameron, he quickly learned the dedication, focus, and consistency needed to improve not only physically but mentally as well. Once college began, it was clear that improving the physical and mental ability of an athlete was a passion for Cameron..

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Nicki Fraser
Nicki Fraser is our September Athlete of the Month for many reasons. You may recognize her from the Word on the Street monthly column she writes for our newsletter, or from our proud posts on social media featuring her accomplishments. Nicki is 12 years old and goes to school at Skyview Academy. She plays soccer for Real on the U13 National Girls team and has two parents with soccer backgrounds. Her dad, Robin, played professionally in the MLS for 19 years and has 27 caps with the US team. Her mom, Ashley, played at the collegiate level and professionally for one year in Japan.  Nicki's team became the Surf Cup Champions last month and we couldn't be more proud of her accomplishments! When Nicki's not in school or at practice, you can usually catch her here training with Sterling to better her skills and continue to grow into a National Champion.

Use Your Time Wisely

Designed to accommodate injured athletes to be able to return to play faster and stronger. 
An injury should not stop you from training and conditioning the rest of your body. Take advantage of our program to get you back on the field!
  • Use practice time to schedule training sessions
  • Continue to train while your team is traveling
  • Stay strong, fit and mentally challenged while you recover
  • Our coaches work along side your doctor, physical therapist, athletic trainer and coach
  • Help prevent re-injury
Frequency of training is based on specific injury and anticipated recovery time.

Much of our focus with the athletes that we train year round is on injury prevention and keeping them on the field. The days of “no pain, no gain”, and training at 110% off the field year round are gone. During the off season, athletes can train at a high rate while in season, the focus becomes about maintaining fitness and keeping them healthy.
Our athletes that train consistently, even just one time per week, stay healthy and strong. They have a significantly lower rate of injury, which is one reason we have produced so many National Champions.

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