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Sternberg Lighting is pleased to share the details of a new senior management team, beginning with the appointment of Mr. Mark Dean as President, effective January 1 st . The restructure brings a considerable level of new expertise to key leadership positions, enabling Sternberg to simultaneously attain higher levels of sales growth, production efficiencies, and customer support. 

Mark provides leadership and company strategy that aligns with Lumenpulse Group’s corporate strategy ” said Francois-Xavier Souvay, CEO of Lumenpulse Group. “ His focus on overall growth in the outdoor lighting space through innovative product design and technology development is leading Sternberg into a very bright future ”.
Appointment of
Mr. Mark Dean as President of Sternberg Lighting
As President, Mr. Dean will oversee all aspects of Sternberg Lighting, bringing new thinking and improved processes to departments throughout the company, while focusing Sternberg’s new product development on growing market sectors.

Mark joined Sternberg in 2013 as VP of Marketing and Business Development. In October of 2018, he was promoted to Chief Operating Officer, effectively taking on management of the company. Mr. Dean brings more than 20 years of experience in decorative outdoor lighting, having been at Lumec from 1998 to 2013, in the role of General Manager for the last 3 years.
Appointment of Mr. Joel Lauth as VP of Sales
As VP of Sales, Mr. Lauth oversees all 6 North American sales regions, as well as Sternberg’s sales abroad. His leadership will drive increased sales activity, as well as improved interdepartmental synergies.

Joel brings 30 years of experience as a lighting professional in both manufacturing and distribution. Prior to joining Sternberg in 2019, he spent the last 12 years as a top sales producer for a Chicago area rep agency. In addition to his primary role, he also maintains oversight and support for the SE Region.
Appointment of Mr. Paul Mitchell as VP of Corporate Training
As VP of Corporate Training, Mr. Mitchell will design and deliver outdoor lighting education for Sternberg’s inside and outside teams, as well as the market. He spearheads the onboarding of new additions to our rep sales force, and tailors factory training events to maximize the experiential benefits. In addition to his primary role, he also maintains oversight and support for the SW Region.

A 20-yr veteran of Sternberg, Paul is committed to educating agents, specifiers, and end users in a best practices approach to quality lighting design. He is a member of the IES planning group for the Street and Area Lighting Conference, and regularly speaks at conferences while also contributing articles to various industry journals including LD+A.
Appointment of Michael Renner as VP of Marketing
As VP of Marketing, Mr. Renner will develop and implement a variety of marketing strategies. He will direct new product development, as well as conduct upstream marketing and data collection, overseeing a regular cadence of new product releases to the market.

Mike brings almost 30 years of experience in product design and engineering, beginning at (Genlyte) Stonco in 1990, then (Genlyte) Hadco and later Philips Lighting. Most recently he was with XtraLight in Houston, serving as the Director of Product Development since 2016.
Appointment of Mr. Stephen Patterson as VP of Operations
As VP of Operations, Mr. Patterson oversees all plant and supply chain functions. His knowledge and forward thinking bring improved efficiencies and new processes, while raising the bar in delivering on market expectations.

Steve is a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Master, with a wealth of experience across a broad range of production and manufacturing disciplines. For over 25 years he has directed plant operations for manufacturers both in the U.S. and abroad.
Additionally, in 2019 Sternberg expanded their outside sales team with the addition of two new Regional Sales Managers.  Serge Fortin and Drew Tedford bring increased focus and support for Sternberg’s North American rep agency sales force, now divided into 6 regions.

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