Nonprofit Newsletter
April 2020
Support for Nonprofits during COVID-19

The federal government passed legislation recently to provide some financial support for nonprofits, small businesses, and individuals who are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. SCCF has received a flurry of emails with information regarding the CARES Act and PPP loans for nonprofits. We know this is not the easiest process to navigate, so we wanted to help direct nonprofits to enough information to make informed decisions. SCCF is not qualified to provide legal or financial advice, but if you have questions or would like help connecting with resources, you may contact Jennifer Danic, SCCF president and CEO, at .

In collaboration with the Indiana Philanthropy Alliance, four foundations in Fort Wayne have partnered t o provide a free webinar on Thursday, April 9 from 1:30-2:30pm. Local experts will share tips for nonprofits regarding employee leave and HR compliance, Small Business Administration (SBA) loan programs and the Payroll Protection Act, and tax implications. Register for the webinar here. 

For additional local resources, check out the Steuben County Economic Development Corporation page. Their resource site has a wide variety of information organized into local, state, and federal programs and services that may apply to your nonprofit.

SCCF staff are working, but you can still reach us at the office phone number (665-6656) or via email .
During this time, SCCF anticipates COVID-19 grant funds will be distributed in three different phases: response, recovery, and resilience. Response grants provide immediate support for nonprofits. Recovery grants can help nonprofits get back on their feet, and resilience grants will provide help down the road as nonprofits strengthen.
Steuben County United Way is currently providing rapid response grants to nonprofits with whom they have an existing working relationship. For more information about applying for a rapid response grant from Steuben County United Way, contact their Executive Director, Jessica Brodock, at
The SCCF board knows that the needs of local nonprofits will change once our world shifts from responding to recovering from COVID-19. We will continue to collect information from our community to learn what our nonprofit organizations need. SCCF is focused on helping nonprofits recover from expending more resources than usual at a time when your services are more essential than ever, while fundraising is more difficult as well. Once recovery transitions to conversations about long term sustainability, SCCF will focus on connecting community members and resources with nonprofits to build resilience. 
SCCF'S April 14th nonprofit capacity building workshop will now be held virtually. At a time when things are more uncertain than ever, we feel this topic is especially important. We're working with Tami Mosier and Megan Peterson from Purdue Extension to provide a unique hybrid webinar, with videos walking through a variety of self-care tools and strategies to promote mental health and wellness. The webinar will include an interactive live workshop. This event is open to all nonprofit staff, board members, and volunteers serving Steuben County.

Please register for the workshop by April 13. You will receive an email with a link to the Zoom meeting and instructions for the workshop. If you are not available at the time of the meeting but would like to watch it later, please register and we will send you a recording following the workshop. SCCF recognizes that not all nonprofit leaders have access to the technology required to participate in this type of workshop. We plan to resume face-to-face trainings as soon as it is safe and advisable to do so.

Logistics: April 14, 2020 from 10:00-11:00am, held via Zoom web-conferencing
Women's Fund: May 1, 2020
Arts, Culture, Environment: April 30, 2020
Humanities Fund: Ongoing
Community Funds: Ongoing
Last month, SCCF had planned to send out a paper newsletter to our donors with an update to the nonprofit wish list we published on Giving Tuesday. However, many of our planned communications have changed so we could shift our work to prioritize supporting the community during the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead, we collected survey responses from 20 nonprofits about how the current situation has impacted you financially and operationally.

SCCF intends to share some of this information with our donors later this month to encourage community support for your work during this time. If you have not yet completed the survey, you may do so through this link or by clicking the button below. We encourage you to continue updating us as the situation at your organization changes. Please contact JoAnna Ness, SCCF Communications Director, if you have questions or would like to share more information.
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