Steubenville St. Paul 2020
Good afternoon, everyone. I hope you are hanging in there--this is Callie Kowalski on behalf of the Office of Youth Ministry for the Diocese of Green Bay. Please know that I've been praying for every person registered for our trip and will continue to pray for clarity through this crazy time.

Some of you might be aware, but I wanted to officially write to all those registered with our group in regards to an update we received from Partnership for Youth concerning the Steubenville St. Paul Conference for July 24-26...
Partnership for Youth has cancelled Steubenville St. Paul and other events through their office for the summer.
We want to thank you, first and foremost, for your willingness to participate in this pilgrimage and we are sad that it won't be happening this summer.

This decision was made by Partnership for Youth, the organization that runs the Conference for the Archdiocese of Minneapolis/St. Paul. The executive director, Amy Cummings, wrote a letter to all parents: you can read the letter here.
As you might be aware, Partnership for Youth has a no refund policy .
They were clear to us that the initial deposit would not be refunded, which is stated in their standard cancellation policy. However, we are in communication with them to see if they can ease their policy under the current circumstances.

We cannot issue refunds of initial deposit until we receive word from Partnership for Youth. We are praying and hoping that they can work with us on this policy. We will be sending another email to those on this list once we finalize our communication with them.

As far as those groups who have yet to submit their initial deposit amounts--we will follow up with group leaders after communicating with Partnership for Youth. Please know we want to do all that we can to advocate for our parish groups, but we are unsure at the moment if we will be issued a refund of deposits.
Next steps:
For parents , please stay in touch with your group leader. If your child is a lost sheep and are unsure of next steps, please email me directly (email below). Once we finalize communication with Partnership for Youth in regards to the deposits, we can start issuing the necessary refunds, but it will be directed back to the group leader.

For youth , please know Partnership for Youth will be hosting an online, virtual alternative to the Steubenville Youth Conference. More information will be updated on their website: . Please stay connected to your youth minister during this time and continue to pray for one another!

For group leaders + youth ministers , please know you can contact me or anyone else from our RE/YM office with any questions. We will be in contact regarding refunds and proceeding forward in regards to deposit payments, etc. We do encourage parish groups to be creative in their alternative approaches to this summer! We can keep you posted on any offerings that come our way, but know that we are all in this together.
Thank you so much for staying connected and keeping your heart on the Lord. Please know of my prayers and we will keep you updated with any new correspondence as it comes our way.

Sincerely in Christ,

Callie Kowalski, Assistant Director of Child & Youth Faith Formation
Maximus Cabey, Director of Child & Youth Faith Formation
"Restore us, O God;
     make your face shine on us,
     that we may be saved."