Steve Alten's August Newsletter
To my readers:
Only 17 days to go before we open the virtual portals of – the hub of an amazing and unique multifaceted entertainment experience featuring the most lethal prehistoric killing machines that ever lived, housed in state-of-the-art aquariums.

The idea came to me in mid-December of 2019 at 4 A.M. As I lay in bed, my mind clearing from a wild dream, the story beats of an all-new completely original prehistoric shark adventure came to me. Afraid I’d fall back asleep and forget everything, I dragged myself upstairs to my office (having had Parkinson’s Disease these last 14 years “dragged” is no exaggeration) and began researching an island I needed for the back-story of a Web-TV series, episode 1 now finishing filming in France, listed on IMDB under WHERE SEA MONSTERS ROAM.

While investigating the source of hot mineral springs pumping up through Maug Island’s lagoon, Dr. Maxime Rostand performs an emergency C-section on what he believes is a pregnant Basking shark caught in the net of a Taiwanese fishing trawler only to discover a new species – Carcharocles daemonium – a 60-foot prehistoric Mako. Max, his best-friend David Gluck, a marine engineer and Beatrice “B.B” Berethelot, a blonde bombshell and radical animal rights advocate manage to save two of the dead female’s fifteen pups: Snowflake (an albino) and Layla (pure black demon). Faced with a choice of killing the sharks or risk introducing an ancient apex predator into our oceans, the trio decide to raise the siblings in Maug’s lagoon which they believe shares the same hot mineral waters as the mysterious habitat from which the pup’s mother fled – a lost primordial aquifer that dates back 330 million years.

When I sent the synopsis to my assistant, Kelly Rollyson, she agreed this could be far more than a TV series. Because Maug is a real island (like all Alten thrillers, there are lots of facts stirred into the fiction) we could create a VIRTUAL GETAWAY... a place that houses the most terrifying ancient sharks and sea monsters that ever existed, living in futuristic 3D animated aquariums that visitors could experience first-hand.

Challenges? Quite a few. For starters, we’d need a team of incredibly talented 3D animators, actors, producers, and directors basically willing to work on spec. While I wrote, Kelly ran ads for talent and soon we were receiving inquiries from MEGheads all over the world.

French actor and director Max Ginolin was the first person to contact me – a super MEGhead who wanted in. We went through about a dozen 3D animators, then Kelly saw this amazing short story, entitled CAGED, created by the F/X team of Steve Clarke and Paul Knott.
She contacted them, and guess what – two more MEGheads! Wait until you see the island world they’ve created! And the aquariums!! Sure, we’ve got some amazing viewing areas where you can watch the pretty fishies swim in circles – except of course our fish are 30 to 60 feet long with nasty teeth, and you can watch them from the comfort of a 5-star hotel suite.

Then there are the “360 Experiences.” Imagine being lowered into our Devonian Sphere in a cage… Circling in the dark water is a 40 foot Dunkleosteus who is pissed off at you for entering her domain. And because you control what you are looking at (360 degrees) every experience is unique (plus we’ll randomly change them up every few days when you least expect it, keeping everything unpredictable).

So let’s see… there’s our emersion experiences and the Web-TV series, shown ONLY at but how good is this TV series? Unlike the MEG movie, we used only MY scripts… But hey, watch this short trailer and see what you think?
Pretty cool, huh? Just wait until you get to play the WHERE SEA MONSTERS ROAM video game created by Kevin Miller which takes you down into that primordial aquifer to hunt these creatures while you compete against other gamers. There’s several educational sites, one manned by Keith Cowley, a real-life pre-historic shark museum curator who makes sure our F/X guys keep everything 100 percent (or pretty close). And with the COVID-19 virus likely to keep most students at home this summer/fall, we’re offering high school teachers (and members) access to a private library filled with all new PDF downloadable and expanded colorized photo versions of my work. Toss in the curriculum materials needed to upload an entire semester of creative learning – topped by an in class ZOOM call with the author and suddenly Distance Learning isn’t so bad. And there’s virtual tours and fireworks over the island at night, and those shirts on sale in the e-store look pretty cool…
Yes, Moms and Dads, we’ll be offering a PG-13 site along with the PG-17 version, so no cursing or bloody scenes to give the younger MEGheads too many bad dreams.
So Steve... seriously, how much is all this gonna cost me?
$29.95 a month? Not too bad. But I contributed $1 last month on the Indigogo site, which should have reserved a $15.95 a month Gold membership…

Relax, MEGheads. I know there's a pandemic economy out there... BELIEVE ME, I KNOW!
So here's the deal: Help us spread the word about and when we accumulate at least 10,000 email addresses on the hold page at by midnight on August 20, 2020, when our site officially opens 12 hours later at 12:00 noon est on August 21, everyone will receive a special early bird V.I.P. membership for only $9.95 a month - locked in on that discounted price for as long as you remain active!
That’s the TV series, the aquarium visits, tours, video game, educational links, e-store, virtual classroom and library, cameo photos and visits, along with new content added every week – all for LESS THAN A MOVIE TICKET A MONTH?
But here’s the catch… This only works with volume. TV shows with the best F/X and scary 360 experiences are very expensive, so I am depending on YOU to spread the word beginning today. See, we seriously need lots of wonderful people like you who LOVE big, nasty sharks battling even nastier sea monsters spreading the word about our little private island getaway, so please guys… tell everyone you know and tell them to tell everyone they know… and maybe buy something at our new indiegogo site at because yeah, that helps too.
Thanks, only the best for my MEGheads!
Steve Alten, Ed.D.
August schedule for The Steve Alten Project:
This will be it, guys… the last installment at the TSAP private library, which will reopen at (for $3 less a month). A special edition of The MEG has been added to our other color-enhanced editions of SHARKMAN, MEG: Angel of Death 1.1. SURVIVAL, UNDISCLOSED, and GOLIATH 2020 – all are available for FREE to members of
August 10: Changeover Day: This month’s never-before-read Steve Alten project is my latest and greatest original script: Mr. Irrelevant… the story about Danny Dvorak, the starting quarterback at Penn State University and the last player chosen in the NFL draft.
Join me LIVE on ZOOM at 3-4pm est. on Sunday afternoon August 16, 2020. For the link contact Kelly Rollyson at [email protected]
Living Tips:
A Healing Tool for Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer
Living Waters, A Healing Tool for Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer
Music Video of the month:
Sledgehammer by Peter Gabriel
A good jam, dancing frozen chickens…what’s not to like?
Laughs of the Month (warning PG-17):
A lockdown – explained by Joe Pesci junior:
Bad break-up:
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Recipe of the Month:
Mint Chocolate Chip Milkshake
4 scoops vanilla ice cream
1 cup reduced fat 2% milk
¼ cup chocolate syrup
1 drop peppermint extract

Blend and drink

I dunno… if it’s me I just go with the best mint chocolate chip ice cream, add milk and blend.

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Your monthly dosage of smiles, brought to you once again by the 3 wise men… I mean, 3 wise guys. (Don’t you dare hit me in the head…. you know I’m not normal.)
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Steve Alten, Ed.D.
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