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Thursday, November 5, 2020
This Sunday Worship & Fellowship Info

You Tube Live-Stream broadcast this Sunday
The 23rd Sunday after Pentecost,
November 8th at 9:00am.

In order to attend this Sunday’s service:
Please visit our website at www.trinitysonoma.org
Select Join Our Online Worship (YouTube Live 9AM) 
Select "LIVE NOW"
Relax and enjoy!

After the service, please join together through Zoom! for a virtual coffee hour - click here to gain access!

Wear a Mask ~ Wash Your Hands ~ Be Kind
Forgive anyway ~ Do Better
2021 Stewardship Campaign
Together we are resilient.  
There is no better sentiment of how we handled the major challenges we faced this year. COVID. Wildfires. Unhealthy Air Quality. Power Outages.  

And yet through all these difficulties, we have made it through together. Together as a community and together as a loving parish family.  

This year’s stewardship campaign – Together we are resilient – helps us connect our lives to the mission of Trinity Sonoma. Not only do our stewardship gifts provide vital revenue for the maintenance and operations of our parish, but they also support Father Jim who provides pastoral care and engages us in outreach and prayer.
This year’s pledge goal of $100,000 represents 58% of our $176,000 operating budget for next year.

By now, many of you have received your pledge materials in the mail. For those who made a pledge last year, a copy of your 2020 giving statement is also included.  You can also visit our website (TrinitySonoma.org) under GIVING and select 2021 Stewardship Campaign where you can make an online pledge or print a pledge card and mail it to the parish office.  No amount is too small, and every pledge counts towards our goal.    

Our hope is that everyone in our loving parish community will participate. On behalf of the 2021 Finance & Stewardship committee; Wendy Haber, Sally Zimmerman, Todd Gerber, and Ruben Cota Schultz – we thank you.
And always remember, together we are resilient.
A Great Story in the Sonoma Sun Today!
A wonderful news story about the Sonoma Conservatory of Dance and Trinity Church appears in today's edition of the Sonoma Sun. Click HERE to read the article online.
Communion Continues at Trinity!
We have had two very successful communions outside in Abbot Courtyard these past two Sundays, with attendance at 23-24 people on each Sunday. Everyone has been wonderfully cooperative in following protocols and maintaining a safe environment.
Please come by!

The protocols in place are simple and straightforward:

1.      Wearing a mask (this is required), please come to the breezeway from the parking lot side, and line up following the usual safe distancing rule of staying at least 6-feet apart.

2.      Prepare to have your temperature taken (touchless), and disinfect your hands (sanitizer provided).

3.      Continue into Abbot Courtyard where you must stand at least 6-feet away from non-family members.

4.      When everyone has been assembled, Fr. Jim will begin the short preface prior to communion.

Following every part of this protocol is absolutely necessary to enable us to continue to provide communion. It is not ideal, but it is the only option we can offer to fulfill our responsibility of safety to our parish, and is REQUIRED by the combined regulations of County and Diocesan directives.
Please come in the spirit of community and with a respect for the health of everyone attending.
God loves a cheerful giver!

A VERY GRATEFUL thank you to all our parishioners and friends who continue to mail in donations and stewardship pledges. Read more...
Diocesan & Beyond News

An easy way to keep abreast of the news around the Episcopal Diocese of Northern California is to subscribe to its newsletter, the Diocesan e-News, which is delivered to your inbox on most Tuesday afternoons. Click HERE to be directed to their signup page. They take your privacy seriously and do not share their lists with anyone; to unsubscribe, simply click on the unsubscribe link that is at the end of each newsletter and you will be taken off the list immediately.
Best Skills - Best Churches
Bishop Megan Traquair is proud to announce a special opportunity for all clergy and laymembers for the first time in our diocese. We are partnering with Arizona State University, Lodestar Center to present Best Skills - Best Churches, an innovative program designed to help you grow and strengthen your church.

The program is for six months, one weekend a month on Friday night and Saturday morning. The first class begins on November 13.

The cost is $100 per student, a very special discounted price. Registration is now open and more information is available on our website here.
Holding on to Hope: A National Service for Healing and Wholeness, with a combination of live and pre-recorded elements, was live streamed on November 1, 2020, from the Washington National Cathedral. Click here to watch the recording.
Pastoral Care Corner
Your prayers are requested -

During our Online Services, you, members of your family or loved one may find yourself in need of extra support and prayers from our faith community.  If you have a particular prayer request, please email Linda Dowd at lindahdowd@sbcglobal.net.  
Prayer requests will be added to The Prayers of the People during our Sunday worship each week.

These are anxious times as our nation confronts a deadly pandemic, a troubled economy, racial injustice and a bitter election season. It’s a lot to take in, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

That’s why prayer is needed now more than ever.

As we celebrate the 25th anniversary of the National Cathedral Center for Prayer and Pilgrimage, we hope these 25 prayers will help calm your soul and lift your spirit as we head into Election Day and the months to come. Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayer.

Mental Health Moment
America the Beautiful
Performed by Mr. Ray Charles
Sermons at Trinity:

Can be accessed on the Trinity website:

  • Archived video sermons here.
  • Archived audio sermons here

Sunday Snaps:

  • Will return when WE return!

Closing smiles...
This is a BOBcat (ooh, sorry! LOL)

9:00am Holy Eucharist Rite II
Will be live-streamed Sunday, November 8, 2020
10:00am Virtual Coffee Hour
on Zoom!
11:00am Holy Communion Live in Abbot Courtyard
(Please follow safety protocols!)

Men's Lunch - Suspended
Noon at the Red Grape
529 1st Street W. Sonoma

10am Eucharist & Healing Prayer - Suspended

Noon-Bible Study in the Library -
- Suspended

Mindful Living
Thursdays at
10:30am in Abbot Courtyard
Masks are required


Centering Prayer - Suspended
8am in St. Luke's Chapel
Find out more about
Centering Prayer here.

Suspensions are temporary.
We fully expect all events to resume when restrictions on social gatherings are lifted.
Thanks for your patience.

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