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November 10, 2020
Stewardship – Sharing the gifts we have been given!

The Presbyterian Church (USA) is distinctly a confessional and connectional church distinguished by the representation of elders—laywomen and laymen—within its government. Elders are elected by the local church, in our case, Hillside and generally lead, through session ministries, in accomplishing the church’s mission. With ministers of the local churches, elders from each church make-up the membership of the Presbytery of Greater Atlanta. The Presbytery elect commissioners to Synod of South Atlantic and General Assembly.

The Stewardship Subcommittee would like to offer our appreciation and thanks to Hillside’s minister and elders who use their time and talents, with which God has blessed them, to assist the Presbytery of Greater Atlanta to plan missions/ministries too extensive to be conducted by the local church. Please join us in thanking the pastor and elders for using their gifts to the glory of God:

  • Faye Fikes
  • Sonja McMullen
  • Ann Peck

Committee Members
  • Lelia Crawford, Preparation for Ministry
  • Alice Moore, Operations
  • Sylvia Wilson (Pastor), Nominations
Other Groups
  • Norm Fikes, Financial Sustainability Working Group
  • Rosalind McIntyre, Permanent Judicial Commission
  • Sonja McMullen, New Church Develop Commission

Our gifts do remarkable things when they are transformed into ministry and mission.

Elder Lelia Crawford
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Hillside Presbyterian Church Mission Statement
The mission of Hillside Presbyterian Church is that of the church universal: to advance the gospel of Jesus Christ for the salvation of humankind. We are committed to being an inclusive, intergenerational church by creating a caring, Christian community. Hillside reaches out to diverse ethnic and religious groups in our community and beyond to foster a better understanding of all people. We are a servant people, responding to those in need, doing justice, loving mercy, and walking humbly with our God.
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