December 1, 2020
Michigan's 15 public universities are pleased to share the following news items with you. Stewardship is a monthly update on various activities our universities are engaged in that enrich their communities, regions, and the state of Michigan.
COVID-19 Response
The Economic Times [India] (Nov. 12)

Medical News Today (Nov. 16)

WEMU FM (Nov. 16)

University Business (Nov. 19)

MLive (Nov. 23)

WWTV TV (Nov. 24)

Detroit Free Press (Nov. 30)

Economic Development – Research, Tech Transfer, & Innovation
WLUC TV (Nov. 19)

Big Rapids Pioneer (Nov. 20)

Economic Development – Local Partnerships
Northern Today (Nov. 17)

Environmental & Agricultural Sustainability
ScienceDaily (Nov. 17)

Health Care
ScienceDaily (Nov. 12)

K-12 Outreach
WWMT TV (Nov. 13)

CMU News (Nov. 23)

Public Health & Safety
CMU News (Nov. 2)

MLive (Nov. 14)

Veteran Outreach
University Business (Nov. 11)

Civic Engagement and Education 
Route Bay City (Nov. 5)

WJMN TV (Nov. 18)

Culture & Placemaking
Northern Today (Nov. 3)

Sault Online [Canada] (Nov. 22)

Student & Faculty Service
Midland Daily News (Nov. 8)

Sault Online [Canada] (Nov. 23)

Big Rapids Pioneer (Nov. 25)

MLive (Nov. 27)