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Engage with the world,
Encourage what is kind and helpful
Stewardship 2021
To the Body of Christ that is Nassau Presbyterian Church,

As your pastor, I am humbled and profoundly grateful to God for your generous financial support that has bubbled over in these months of the pandemic of 2020. Because of the faith-filled giving of so many near and far, Nassau Presbyterian Church has continued in our robust ministries within the congregation and beyond in our community and the world. With your financial help, your participation in tending and caring for one another, and your prayers we have moved Forward in Faith Together.

The month of November brings with it a traditional season at Nassau Church of giving thanks for God’s abundance. On behalf of our Session, once again this year I invite you to enter a month of celebration and discernment. We are inviting you to prayerfully consider what percentage of income and resources God is calling you to give to Nassau Presbyterian Church and its witness to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

By God’s grace, we have shown that we can hold one another together in the most difficult of days. More than that, we have shown we can make a difference for another, for those in our community who are suffering, and for God’s children around the world. With your help we will continue to nurture faith through worship, education, and small groups. With your faithful support we will continue to engage the world for the sake of Christ’s call of discipleship on our lives. With your participation, together we will continue to encourage what is good, kind, and just in one another and in the communities around us.

Thank you for your presence in our community of faith. Please join in the prayer that God will continue to shine God’s light upon us, before us, and through us.

With grace and peace,
daves signature
David A. Davis
In November, we will be inviting you to pledge electronically. If you prefer to receive a pledge form in the mail, please click the button below.
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