It is through the generosity of your Stewardship gifts that the Hills Church has continued its ministries with vitality and creativity this past year, despite the challenges posed by COVID restrictions. We rejoice in what we have been able to accomplish by working together and look forward to continuing these ministries in the future through your financial support. Please see highlights from our children and youth activities, using the link provided, and reflect upon our full-range of ministries, their importance to you, and how you might generously support our operations in the coming year.

During the months when we were unable to gather in the sanctuary together, we invested the resources and developed the ability to live stream our worship services. This enables us to reach about 100 households per week in addition to those who now attend in-person. We also installed a high-grade air filtration system to ensure the safety of our congregation while worshipping in the sanctuary. 

While COVID related concerns restricted the ability to provide in-person pastoral care, our clergy continued to address the spiritual needs of our parishioners through prayer, virtual visits, programming such as Monday "Cup of Morning Prayer," Tuesday "Morning Meditation," and Wednesday "Reflection & Prayers." Our Care Teams reached out to congregants in need with cards, meals, and rides. Our Deacons faithfully delivered flowers to those experiencing both joy and loss.
Celebration Sunday Garden

During this past year our outreach activities have flourished. At a time of increased food insecurity, we kept the doors to the Wellesley Food Pantry open while the youth of the church grew vegetables to donate to its operations. Unsheltered individuals received deliveries of our homemade sandwiches and cookies, local in-need families received Christmas gifts, coats, and diapers through our collection drives, disadvantaged Siddis in India received emergency COVID-related resources through our partnership with the African Indian Alliance, and disaster relief funds will be donated to Haiti from the proceeds of our pumpkin patch.

Under the creative leadership of Anne Marie Holloway and Sally Tomasetti, vibrant programming was offered to our children which included sponsoring a bi-monthly Middle School Youth Formation Group, confirming 10 high schoolers, sponsoring an intergenerational Summer Kindness Challenge, holding a Halloween parade and costume blessing, and producing the church’s first ever virtual Christmas pageant!

Throughout the pandemic, the church has striven to remain a welcoming community to all. We continued to invite the greater community to participate in events with us such as the Easter Egg Hunt and the Advent Drive-thru. We adopted visual representations of our status as a welcoming and affirming church, including signage and Adirondack chairs, reaching out to those of all sexual representations.