October 2021
Grace Community.
Interesting times continue.  
Last month we began the 2022 pledge drive referencing Fr. Owen’s pending departure and our entry into a new transition period. Here we are, the Very Rev. Owen Thompson is now in Cincinnati as the Dean of Christ Church Cathedral and Pastor Tyler has joined us as our interim priest while we search for our new Rector. 
Transition periods can be challenging – there is a bit of uncertainty, but it is also provides us an opportunity to look at ourselves as a community and to assess where we as a congregation want to go.  And that can be exciting. 
Whether challenging or exciting, we do have a responsibility to continue to support this congregation. We still have worship on Sundays, we still have a choir and music program, our church school and youth programs continue, we still have programs that serve the community, we have a physical plant that needs to be maintained and we have every expectation that we will continue and possibly enhance our efforts once our new rector joins us. To do that, we need to continue with our common efforts to support Grace with our time, our talent, and our treasure.
Over the next month you will hear from members of the congregation and members of the Stewardship Committee both in writing and in brief presentations on what Grace has meant to them and why they pledge. We ask that you listen and consider their words. 
As of the start of October, 56 members of the congregation have already pledged over $164,000 for the 2022 year. It is a good start, and we ask that all members of the community, consider how they can contribute to our congregation’s health and growth.
This will be an interesting time, but with your continued assistance and support it will be a productive and exciting time as well.

Jeff McDowell
Stewardship Committee
2022 Pledgers as of 10/3/2021
Karin Baere
Yvonne Brown
Larry & Stephanie Campbell
Kate Chisholm
Sally & Jim Cochran
Jean Connor-Tierney
Pat Cose
Charles & Barbara Cross
Zaza & Stephen Crowley
James & Virginia Dillon
Paul Dixon
Bob D’Errico
Gerald & Marjorie Federico
Kevin Faherty
Tammy & Nigel Fraser
Jeff & Catherine Friesen
Katharine Fulmor & Theresa Bergen
James & Peggy Gilbert
Michael Growney
Eleanor & Hal Hafstad
Heidi Hill
Elaine Hinsch
Robert & Phyllis Holgerson
Karen Hughes & Joy Barrow
Patty & Jimmy Hyland
Daniel & Myria Jean-Gilles
Christine Lubeck Klinger
Rudolph & Kimberly Knight
Rod & Linda Langdon
Amy Lehman
Mia Leo & Richard Kuczkowski
Ejane & John MacCartney
Molly MacQueen
Orville & Sally Mann
Valerie Mathews
Jeff McDowell
Debbie & Bob McGuinness
Sally Ann Mock
Margaret & Bryan Murray
Emily & Jacob Nevill
Jim O’Toole & Gregory Birchett
Martha Patterson
Thomas & Dalila Perry
Winston Perry
Karen Ann Phelan
Roberta Sarvent
Robert (Chris) Sorensen
Art & Donna Soyk
Paula Spruck
Rev. Bebb Wheeler Stone
Carol Streichert
Jan & Robert Valentine
Nancy & Dieter Waack
Paul & Annie Weiss
Bruce & Thayer Woodcock