“Ask, Thank, Tell”
Generosity & Stewardship Resources 
for Virginia Synod Congregations
A Philosophy of Stewardship

In his book, “Ask, Thank, Tell,” Charles R. Lane suggests that "the goal of our stewardship ministry is to help God's people grow in their relationship with Jesus through the use of the time, talents and finances God has entrusted to them." (Ask, Thank, Tell, pg. 11)

Now please notice, the goal of stewardship ministry is not to raise money. When we focus on the goal of helping people grow in their relationship with Jesus through the use of the time, talents and finances which God has entrusted to them, then we often experience healthier support for the ministry of the congregation, but the goal of stewardship ministry is not to raise money.

I look forward to supporting the stewardship ministries of the Virginia Synod though resourcing and collaboration. Below you will find the first collection of resources to provide assistance to Stewardship Teams beginning to plan for the fall. You can download a pdf version of the resources listed below here: Ask Thank Tell Stewardship Resources August 2018

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Peace and hope,
Pastor John Wertz, Jr.
Director for Evangelical Mission
Assistant to the Bishop, VA Synod                                                                                          
Ask, Thank, Tell – Charles R. Lane ($14.99)  Purchase the book here

Stewardship 101: An Invitation to Financial Stewardship (Free)  Download here

How Much is Enough: A Deeper Look at Stewardship in an Age of Abundance (Free) Download here
Culture of Generosity (video)  Aimee Laramore on Cultures of Generosity from an Ecumenical Stewardship Center event
in Dallas (Entire video - 53 minutes) Segment about Online Giving and Giving as a Spiritual Moment (start at 23:43 and end at 28:00)  Watch here

Lessons and Tips on Stewardship from a Renewing Congregation (ELCA Stewardcast)  Watch here
Ask Ideas: Congregational Response Programs

Ask:   “Because of God’s Great Mercy” (4 Sunday Emphasis)
  • Complete Stewardship Emphasis Kit from Chick Lane author of Ask, Thank, Tell - $20 
  • Purchase the kit here 

Ask:   “Fearless Generosity”  (4 Sunday Emphasis)

Ask: “Live Generously” ( Small Group Based Emphasis)

Ask:   “Live Courageously” ( Visitation Based Emphasis) :
Ask:    New Consecration Sunday ( Fellowship Meal Emphasis):
  • Step by Step instruction book and resource guide for conducting a fellowship meal focused stewardship emphasis 
  • Purchase the book here

Note: If you purchase any of these customizable resources, contact Pastor John ( wertz@vasynod.org ) for assistance adapting the resource to fit your ministry context.
Thank Ideas
Thank: Send five Giving Statements per year - April/May, June/July, September, December and January. Put a thank you note in each giving statement. Use pictures. Tell a Story. Connect financial gifts to the ministry being accomplished, but keep it simple.

Thank: Say "Thank You!" for all the ways that people share their gifts , not just for financial stewardship. Each week, make five personal contacts, five phone calls, write five handwritten thank you notes or send five personal emails saying "Thank you" to individuals in the congregation or community who have used their gifts to make ministry happen.    
Tell Ideas
Tell:     During the offering (or at an appropriate time in your service), spend 60 seconds highlighting a ministry that is made possible because of the congregation’s generosity

Tell :    Create a monthly bulletin board, online post, newsletter article, e-newsletter article, bulletin insert that highlights and celebrates a ministry being accomplished because of the congregation’s generosity
Other Resources
Stewardship Team Launch or Re-Launch Workshop: Contact Pastor John for available dates and times (email: wertz@vasynod.org or office: 757.622.9421)

Proportional Giving Chart (Free)  Download here

StewardNet Email Newsletter (Free Twice a Year Stewardship Resource Email from the ELCA)  Download here

New Online Giving Platform with a Preferred Provider relationship with the ELCA Learn more here