“Tell, Thank, Ask”
Generosity & Stewardship Resources 
for Virginia Synod Congregations

Online Giving Options Update
The ELCA recently announced a new preferred provider agreement with Vanco/GivePlus. If you use them for online giving, it's worth giving them a call to make sure you are no longer getting charged a monthly fee for the service.

The ELCA now as agreements with two companies Tithe.ly and Vanco/GivePlus that remove monthly fees for their online giving service. Below is are the fee structure for both services.

Visa/Mastercard - 2.4% + 25 cents per transaction
Amex - 3.5% + 25 cents per transaction
ACH/echeck - 0.5% + 25 cents per transaction

Visa/Mastercard - 2.35% + 35 cents per transaction
Amex - 3.5% + 35 cents per transaction
ACH/echeck - 0.8% + 35 cents per transaction

Last Day to Register to Attend In-Person
Looking for help with Stewardship? Want to change the impressive that stewardship equals fundraising? Invest your time on Saturday, March 23 in learning about stewardship from Pastor Chick Lane. You can attend in- person or online for on $15. The presentation will last from 9 am to 2 pm and if you bring a team you’ll have 2 to 3 pm to work and on and action plan. Register at: (insert link) or contact Pastor John Wertz, Jr at wertz@vasynod.org for more information.

The event will be held at Three Chopt Presbyterian Church in Richmond and simulcast online. Thanks to a grant from the Stewardship of Life Institute, the cost of the event will be $15 per person.  Click here for more information or to register online to attend in-person or by simulcast. 

Your congregation is responding to God's Word in powerful ways. Be intentional about telling the story of your ministry with those around you.

As we journey through Lent toward Holy Week and Easter, the Virginia Synod is producing graphics for your to use on websites and social media. You can access these free Holy Week and Easter graphics beginning on March 28th at:

On Easter Sunday, make space in your bulletin or around your facility to highlight key ministries in the life of the congregation and provide information on how people can connect to those ministries. Here's an example of a ministry opportunity insert that could be used on Easter morning.

Expressing gratitude gives an opportunity to Tell how the gifts of time, talent, and treasure are being used. Because you gave X, Y was accomplished. Knowing there is appreciation, the next Ask to join in and make a difference is likely to be welcome. How do you deliver your Thanks? In person is good. A hand written personalized note is better. 

For help in the digital age, try Postable ( www.postable.com) or download the Ink Cards app ( sincerely.com/ink ) to create personalized Thank You cards that will be mailed by each company. Alternatively, you can have the cards sent to you for final customization and mailing.

Another powerful way to offer Thanks is through a short video. Video production doesn’t have to mean a huge expense. Smart phones provide the means to record and edit video, but you do need to plan your video and keep it short! For examples of past thank you videos, check out www.kindful.com/blog/nonprofit-thank-you-video. Videos can be easily hosted on YouTube, Vimeo, or social media sites. 

One other thing, it’s ok to treat donors different based on giving – but never treat anyone better! Everyone’s gifts are important


Make it easy for folks to share their time and talents.  Free online tools are available to make it easier for folks to sign up to share their time and talents.

If you are scheduling a time for people to meet to talk about or work on a project, one option is Doodle . It's a simple scheduling app that allows you to suggest possible dates and invite responses.

If you are signing people up for events or volunteer opportunities, many folks use SignUp.com (formerly Volunteer Spot) or SignUp Genius . These tools have free options that allow you to create an event and allow individuals to sign up to help. In some cases, the programs even send reminders.

Another option for gathering information is Google Forms which allows you to created a digital form customized for your need.

For Stewardship Consultation or Re-Launch Workshop: Contact Pastor John Wertz, Jr. for available dates and times (email: wertz@vasynod.org or office: 757.622.9421)