Stewardship Saint of the Month
Fra Angelico
Fra Angelico is well known as an Italian painter of the early Renaissance who combined the life of a devout Dominican friar with that of an accomplished painter. Originally named Guido di Pietro, he was born in Vicchio, Tuscany, in 1395. He discovered his God-given gifts as a child, and as a young teenager was already a much sought-after artist.

Angelico was a devout young man who entered a Dominican friary in Fiesole in 1418. He took his religious vows, and about 1425 became a friar using the name Giovanni da Fiesole. He was called “Brother Angel” by his peers, and was praised for his kindness to others and hours devoted to prayer.

He spent most of his early life in Florence decorating the Dominican monastery of San Marco. In 1445, he was called to Rome. But before leaving, he completed one of his most beautiful works in a nondescript upstairs cell that may have been his own bedroom in the monastery. It’s an Annunciation painted high on the wall against the vaulted ceiling. The angel Gabriel is positioned near the center of the arched composition, announcing God’s favor on Mary. Off to the left stands Saint Dominic. The effect is that of a vision within a vision as Saint Dominic’s prayers conjures up the vision of the angel and Mary while the whole painted scene is that of a vision seen by the occupant of the cell. Like the man who painted it, the scene can best be described as “holy” because of its beautiful simplicity. Read More Here
ICSC Catholic Stewardship Moments
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The International Catholic Stewardship Council (ICSC) offers a variety of resources to foster stewardship in your parish. One of their most popular resources is a monthly eBulletin that includes articles designed to foster a culture of generosity. In addition, the newsletter includes a section called Stewardship Moments, which presents weekly bulletin reflections based on that week’s Liturgical readings. ICSC resources are provided so that parish office staff can place them in bulletins or offer as a complete reprint. 

Click here and scroll down to see the latest installment of their Monthly eBulletin in English and Spanish. You will find Stewardship Moments at the end of the eBulletin.
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The donor report "Details for $250" will only show families that have at least one gift of $250 or more. If a family does not have a gift of $250 or more, they will not show up on the report. 
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