Stewardship Saint of the Month
Saint Ita
Ita of Killeedy, Ireland, also known as Ida, is one of the two most famous women saints in Ireland, along with Brigid of Kildare. Born near present-day County Waterford, allegedly of a royal family, she was baptized as Deidre. She is said to have rejected a prestigious marriage for a life as a consecrated woman religious. She moved early in her life to Killeedy (in County Limerick), where she founded a small community of nuns and resided for the remainder of her life, in community with other consecrated women. She dedicated herself to prayer, fasting, a simplicity of life and cultivating a gift for spiritual discernment.

Ita was well known for having the gift of being able to guide people in holiness. She was much sought after as a spiritual director and confessor. During this period of Christianity, the Celtic Church was more advanced than other churches at the time in recognizing qualities of spiritual leadership in women and in encouraging women in this role. It is thought that Ita may have been abbess of a double monastery of men and women and that she was a confessor to both, giving difficult penances while maintaining a forgiving and compassionate spirit. Confessing one’s sins to a priest had not yet been established as the normal form for the Sacrament of Reconciliation, and ordained priests were not yet regarded as the only members of the Church authorized to hear confessions, forgive sins, and impose penances. Read More Here
ICSC Catholic Stewardship Moments
and e-Bulletin
The International Catholic Stewardship Council (ICSC) offers a variety of resources to foster stewardship in your parish. One of their most popular resources is a monthly eBulletin that includes articles designed to foster a culture of generosity. In addition, the newsletter includes a section called Stewardship Moments, which presents weekly bulletin reflections based on that week’s Liturgical readings. ICSC resources are provided so that parish office staff can place them in bulletins or offer as a complete reprint. 

Click here and scroll down to see the latest installment of their Monthly eBulletin in English and Spanish. You will find Stewardship Moments at the end of the eBulletin.
New Estate Planning Resource Reminder:
Lifetime of Generosity Digital Legacy Seminar
Reminder! In order to help your parishioners connect giving back with a deeper spiritual motivation, the Catholic Community Foundation (CCF) has developed a new resource for you: the Lifetime of Generosity Digital Legacy Seminar. The first of its kind, this 30-minute interactive seminar leads viewers through video teachings and workbook prompts as they discover what leaving a Catholic legacy means to them. The seminar can be accessed at any time or at any place, all your parishioners need is a computer or smart device. It can also be enjoyed individually or as part of a group by your Men’s Club, Rosary Guild, Altar Society, and more.
As part of the digital seminar, CCF is excited to share a free, accessible will-writing tool with viewers, courtesy of our relationship with By using this no-cost estate planning resource, your parishioners can protect their families and the blessings God has given them while ensuring that their spiritual home, your parish, is sustained for future generations... in an additional 20 minutes or less!

If you are interested in pushing out the seminar to your parishioners in the new year, check out the templates available on our website. Questions? Please contact Pamela Richard at or 504.596.3044.
ParishSOFT Hint of the Month

When you talk to a parishioner, make sure to check their record and update any missing information. Use every interaction to verify, edit, or add to the information you have on file!
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