Year of the Eucharist and St. Joseph: An Invitation to Participation
As you may be aware, Archbishop Aymond has designated 2021 to be the Year of the Eucharist and St. Joseph in the Archdiocese of New Orleans.
Through this special year of renewal, our archdiocese is bringing a unique opportunity for you to deepen your faith and understanding in the Eucharist and devotion to St. Joseph. By God’s grace, we believe this can transform our local Church as we journey together.
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St. Joseph, patron of the Universal Church, pray for us!
Workshop Announcement! It's Not Your Money:
Finding the Peace of Putting God First
Join us for "It's Not Your Money, Finding the Peace of Putting God First," which provides a pathway to explore fresh perspectives on our relationship with money. The virtual workshop takes place on Wednesday, March 24, from 7:00 to 8:15 p.m.

Acknowledging God as the giver and provider of all that you have lays the foundation for a proper attitude toward money. In this workshop, author Joseph B. Galloway presents an engaging "world says" versus "God says" exchange that challenges commonly held beliefs about finances. By examining parables and other Bible passages, we can form a more Godly attitude about managing His gifts of time, talent, and—especially—treasure, as well as explore how putting God first in every area of life, including with money, can bring us greater peace and contentment.

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Stewardship Saint of the Month
Saint Patrick
Saint Patrick, the “apostle to Ireland,” is one of the world’s most famous and celebrated saints. His missionary zeal arguably matched that of Saint Paul, whose missionary activities, though oftentimes a severe struggle, remained in the territories governed by Roman law. Saint Patrick, however, was the first recorded Christian missionary to evangelize beyond the bounds of Roman rule and into the darkness of what was then considered the end of the earth.

“Patricius” was born in Roman Britain around 385. His father was a public official and church deacon. He was kidnapped by Irish slave traders while in his mid-teens and forced into slavery; herding sheep on remote Irish hillsides under harsh conditions. Spending most of his time in solitude, he grew to trust in God and embrace a life of prayer. After six years, he made a dangerous and harrowing escape over land and sea that finally resulted in a return to his parents. They found him, at age 22, a serious visionary who sought holiness and friendship with Christ.
Patrick entered the priesthood, and in time, was sent to evangelize the Irish. He was appointed the bishop of Ireland in 435 and established his see at Armagh in the north. Read More Here
ICSC Catholic Stewardship Moments
and e-Bulletin
The International Catholic Stewardship Council (ICSC) offers a variety of resources to foster stewardship in your parish. One of their most popular resources is a monthly eBulletin that includes articles designed to foster a culture of generosity. In addition, the newsletter includes a section called Stewardship Moments, which presents weekly bulletin reflections based on that week’s Liturgical readings. ICSC resources are provided so that parish office staff can place them in bulletins or offer as a complete reprint. 

Click here and scroll down to see the latest installment of their Monthly eBulletin in English and Spanish. You will find Stewardship Moments at the end of the eBulletin.
Hint of the Month

ParishSOFT now allows you to import data for families that are already in the system! This means that you can import a spreadsheet of updated parishioner data instead of having to update records individually. Click to watch a video tutorial, and contact Ryan Adams with questions.
ParishSOFT Virtual Trainings

Save the dates! Over the next few months, we will offer a number of ParishSOFT Trainings on a wide range of topics. Click here to check out the flyer for our winter/spring webinars, and be sure to sign up via the links in the flyer or via the links listed below.
ParishSOFT Issues?

If you have ParishSOFT questions or problems, please contact Ryan Adams at and copy the ParishSOFT Support Center at 
Celebrating your generosity.
The Catholic Community Foundation believes that generosity allows our community and our country to hope for something greater. Click above to hear from several of our past St. John Paul II Award winners to get a sense of the power of generosity and its broad impact in our greater community. We all have a role to play in making our community and our world a better place. Thank you for fostering your generosity.