Precious treasure remains in the house of the wise,
 but the fool devours it.   Proverbs 21:20

"But it's summer; I don't think of stewardship at church until November....."

 Use summer to reflect......
on what we have done and how we have been stewards of the many things God has given us.   Summer is a time for many to think of vacation, relaxation. It can be a time of rest from work that consumed you over the past year. It is a time of stewardship of your God given resources of body and mind. Reflect on how wisely you have used those resources this past year. Stewardship is about how you have consumed those resources that have been given to you. 

Stewardship in the summer.....
Our approach to stewardship changes with the seasons, it changes but doesn't disappear. Summer is a wonderful time to reexamine our own attitude towards our faith and our stewardship commitments.

The best way to prepare for summer is to 
set an example of giving and inspire others to follow

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