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The month of October marks the start of the holiday season and, in keeping with tradition, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and the December holidays provide an opportunity to bring festivity to your community by decorating your house or place of business. This holiday season, I ask you to consider our new Mystik! self-adhesive projection screens in your decorating plans. Designed for use in digital signage applications, Mystik! can be applied to existing windows or glass doors, transforming them into high-performance rear projection screens. Mystik! material has a very wide viewing angle, and works well with short-throw projectors. And, like other high-performance Stewart screens, Mystik! is 4k+ ready. On Halloween night, projecting classic scary movies on Mystik! will make yours the most talked about house on the block! Please read more about Mystik! here: conta.cc/TYc9j2


Also, next month marks the anniversary of our 65th year in business. I am proud to say that Stewart has been family owned and operated, and our products have been "made in the USA" for the entire 65 years. Steeped in Hollywood tradition and history, Stewart Filmscreen has undergone an unbelievable journey from small business to worldwide leader in precision projection screens. It's been an unbelievable ride and we have big plans to honor this important milestone. Stay tuned for some special announcements in November.


Meanwhile, look for more information regarding our newest products and keep up to date on the happenings at Stewart via our weekly newsletters and emails blasts. Follow us on Social Media ( Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) and let us know what your plans are for Halloween and any upcoming projects.




Grant Stewart

President and CEO

Stewart Filmscreen

October Product Spotlight: Mystik!

Mystik! is ideal as a storefront application, as well as in other retail and public venues when a 2-piece projection solution is desired. It can also be applied to any window or glass door to transform the surface into an opaque projection screen, enabling privacy while also creating a fun home entertainment space.      


With Stewart Filmscreen's latest development, Mystik! allows for the immersive viewing experience of a 2-piece projection solution to be easily deployed in venues such as retail outlets, trade shows, restaurants, museums, public spaces, training centers, reception areas, office spaces for lease, family rooms and outdoor areas, and more. What sets Mystik! apart from the commodity self-adhesive screens is that it is specially formulated for this application. It offers a very wide viewing angle in a contrast enhanced material and can perform well when paired with short throw projectors. Mystik! delivers the quality and fine-tuned performance you have come to expect from Stewart Filmscreen.


To learn more about the new Mystik line please go here: Mystik!
In the News - Top stories from September 2012

Electronic House: A Winning Combination (Print)

October 2012 - Superstar quarterback John Elway says he will eventually update his 14-year-old theater, but he's not quite ready to retire the gear that's been entertaining him and his family since 1998. "Yes, some of the equipment in the theater is older," says Keith Russell of Denver-based MVP Audio/Video, Elway's go-to-company for all things electronic. "But because John had purchased upper-end products, the equipment still performs wonderfully after all these years." At the time of the installation, the following products were considered cutting-edge, and are still rockin' the Elway theater today.

Equipment List: 
  • Meridian 800 Digital Surround-Sound Processor
  • Meridian DSP5000 and DSP6000 surround-sound speakers
  • Sony 1292 Video Projector with Faroudja VP401 Video Processor
  • AMX AXT-CA10 Touchsreen
  • Stewart Filmscreen 122-inch-wide Microperf Screen

CE Pro: Editor's Picks: Top Products of CEDIA Expo 2012 (Stewart Filmscreen CIMA Projection Screens)                          

September 20, 2012 by Robert Archer - Arguably one of the most anticipated product releases in the entire consumer video market, the newly announced CIMA line of screen products provide CE Pros with a Stewart-branded choice of cost-effective screen solutions. Dealers can now sell up and down the Stewart product line to address the exact media room and dedicated theater needs of their clients without venturing away from the benchmark manufacturer's product line. Stewart offers the line with white and gray screen materials, and in a choice of fixed frame, above ceiling and below ceiling mounting options.
The 2012 CEDIA Fellows   

Check out this great photo taken from this year's Electronic Lifestyles Awards Celebration.

From Left to Right: Eric Lee (Integrated Control Experts, Inc.)
Joaquin Rivera (Stewart), Jeremy Glowacki (Residential Systems), Eric Grundelman (Eric Grundelman, Inc.) and Ken Erdmann (Erdmann Electric, Inc.)



Worship Facilities Designer: Visual Revelation


September 2012 - Increasingly in today's churches, the question is not "one screen or two?" but rather "how can we create visual experiences?" Video technology has long supplanted the acetate overhead projection of years ago, but like transparencies, the world of video has changed-once again-the possibilities for churches. 


Today, the variety of display technologies is at an all time high, affording churches the ability to fit the right technology into specific applications and venues.


Even the screens used for projection have changed dramatically, as evidenced by the popularity of higher-contrast "grey screen" technology, such as Da-Lite's High Contrast Da-Mat or Stewart Filmscreen's GreyHawk RS G3 and FireHawk G3.   



Read More >
AV Network: Women In CE Breakfast Sells Out for Fourth Straight Year  

September 2012 - Women in Consumer Electronics (CE) announced that the organization's annual CEDIA EXPO breakfast reception sold out for the fourth year in a row.

The fourth annual CEDIA EXPO event was sponsored by Monster, CEDIA, Chief, Consumer Technology Publishing Group (CTPG), Da-Lite, Epson, Magnolia/Best Buy, Sanus, Sirius XM,
Stewart Filmscreen, IAV Light Speaker, Bedrock Learning, Home Entertainment Source (HES), Home Technology Specialists of America (HTSA), Specialty Electronics Nationwide (SEN), InGear PR, Speck, S´┐Żura, Lutron, and Tivoli Audio.


Stewart Filmscreen Featured Video

Stewart Filmscreen Mystik! video at CEDIA 2012

Stewart Filmscreen's Mystik! is a self-adhesive projection material designed to meet the growing demand for digital signage solutions.  Watch the video (above) from Noyd Communications and Scott Wilkinson here.
Social Media Highlight of the month - Twitter Follower @Chris_Neto!
This month we had tons of great CEDIA comments from followers and those reporting our news.

Our friend, @chris_neto tweeted us several times promoting Stewart news though his "The #AVtweeps Today!" online newspaper, with the latest news and topics in the AV community.

Check out @chris_neto on Twitter to stay up to date on the latest AV news and trends! 

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