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Issue #613
April 14, 2019
Dear Friends,
From the Kitchen
We've put a twist on a traditional Cuban sandwich! The Kitchen Kuban offers just the right balance of flavors from citrus to sweet to tangy within every bite. We fill a fresh baked Stick Boy ciabatta roll with layers of pork tenderloin, country ham, Swiss cheese, and dress it with mustard and a house made pickle. This sandwich is served hot: pressed on the grill (yum). Come in and enjoy the Kitchen Kuban this week!

Kitchen Kuban Sandwich is available for $9.39. See the coupon for savings.
Monday - Saturday: 
7am - 8pm
Closed Sunday
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Bread of the Week
If you haven't tried this signature Stick Boy product, you need to hightail it over to our Stick Boy Bakery location this week and have a sample. This refreshing loaf is a sweet dough made with butter and eggs and mixed with dried blueberries, cranberries, candied lemon peel and toasted pecans. It's shaped just like our Winter Stollen, and instead of powdered sugar, we finish the Summer Stollen with a fresh blueberry and lemon icing! We'll be making lots and sampling lots of Summer Stollen this week. Come on by!

We will feature Summer Stollen fresh every day this week! Summer Stollen is available for $14/whole and $8/ette.
*This will be the last week for Pesto Bread. Next week we will feature Lemon Brioche.
As always, we mix our breads from scratch, shape them by hand, and bake them in our big oven in our brand new 3,000 sq. ft. production facility. We bake only with unbleached and unbromated flour and never use any additives or preservatives. Come and taste.
Featured Products
It's Easter week, and I'm looking forward to celebrating the resurrection with family. Planning your Easter dinner? Let Stick Boy help. Cakes, pies, yummy breads... they are all sure to impress your guests and everyone's taste buds. And check out all of the specials listed below that are happening this week... Hot Cross Buns, Easter cookies, yeast rolls... If you see something that looks good to you, give us a call (828-268-9900) or simply reply to this email with your order.

Easter Egg Cookies - It's our sugar cookie rolled out and cut in the shape of an Easter Egg. Beautifully decorated in pastel royal icing. Perfect for kiddies of all ages! 
Available 4/16 - 4/20. $3.50/ea

CTCT-20180323_161256 Hot Cross Buns - "One a penny, two a penny... Hot Cross Buns". These are slightly sweet dough mixed with raisins, golden raisins, cranberries, candied orange peel, and a delicious spice mix. We add a cross on top made from lemon zest icing. The buns are traditionally eaten on Good Friday, with the cross standing as the symbol of the crucifixion. 
Available 4/18 - 4/20. $14.99/doz, $1.49/ea

Yeast Rolls - I can't think of a more perfect accompaniment bread to go with your Easter dinner. 
Available 4/18 - 4/20. $6.99/doz, $3.69/half

Key Lime Pie - Give yourself a lip smackin' kiss with Key Lime. These pies are deliciously tart, and they come with or without meringue. The filling is in an out-of-this-world graham cracker buttery crust, and the pie is an experience to be had. 
Begins 4/16. $15 without Meringue, $20 with Meringue

Lemon Pound Cake - This cake is our wonderful pound cake mixed with tangy fresh lemon zest and an irresistible lemon zest glaze poured on top. This is a perfect cake for your Easter Sunday afternoon picnics, or surprise your dinner guests with a tasty dessert. 
Available now. $26

CTCT-20180323_162131 Lemon Raspberry Blast Cake - Four layers of rich vanilla bean butter cake with two layers of lemon curd filling and one layer of raspberry framboise buttercream filling. Finished in vanilla buttercream, and a whimsical raspberry swirl on top. 
Available now. $32

Glazed Lemon Blackberry Bread - Just in time for Easter! Glazed Lemon Blackberry Bread is a decadent, light and delicious loaf that is almost cake like. It's a sweet bread made with fresh lemon zest, juicy blackberries and finished with a sugary lemon glaze. 
Available now. $6.49
Monday - Friday: 
7am - 6:30pm
Saturday: 7am - 5:30pm
Closed Sunday  
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Thanks for tuning in to Stick Boy News.  Call ahead (268-9900 - bakery, 265-4141 - kitchen) to reserve your order and we'll have it packaged up and ready to go for you.  We'll catch you next time with more stuff from Stick Boy.


Abby Willis
Stick Boy Bread Co.
*Kitchen location only.
Print this coupon or mention it at the counter to
save $1.50 on a side item with the purchase of a Kitchen Kuban. Forward it to a friend so they can get great savings too. That's what we're all about!

*Bakery location only.
Print this coupon or mention it at the counter to
save $2 on any Easter dessert special, and $.75 on a slice. Forward it to a friend so they can get great savings too. That's what we're all about!