Monday, August 26, 2019
Caesar Rodney Institute’s Chair John Stapleford was featured in the OPINION pages of the local paper.  It’s below . We also include Dr Stapleford’s best-ever radio interview, where we broke the story. 

To recap, the numbers suggest the Delaware legislators have turned
the First State’s public education system into a  union jobs shop
That may be great for political donations! 

But if the goal and objective is
to actually educate Delaware’s youth, the  teachers  –
THE most important ingredient – are the (relative) losers. Big times losers. 

As John points out, “the inflation-adjusted average annual salary at Delaware’s elementary and secondary public school teachers has been going down…dropping from $65, 223 in 1989-90 to $60,484 in 2017-18.” 

Taxpayers should be aware,
“Delaware ranks 14 th  highest among all the states
in expenditures on public education.” So where’s the money going? 
“The number of non-teachers or ‘all other staff’ increased more than seven times.”

And how about the outcomes given this toxic brew? 
“Almost two-thirds of the eight graders
have tested functionally illiterate in reading and math.” 

There’s even more to share….

For John’s interview  CLICK HERE ( transcript pdf)
For the News Journal piece CLICK HERE ( pdf version)
(Pictured above: Dr. John Stapleford, Chair at the Caesar Rodney Institute)
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Dace Blaskovitz, Publisher
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