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Renewed Landscapes
New homes with a fresh landscape always look beautiful. Historical homes with renewed landscaping make them look young again.
The Bull Valley Garden Club has been working at raising funds for the beautification of its historical gem, The Stickney House, which now houses the Bull Valley Police Headquarters.
In anticipation of exterior renovations being finished, the Bull Valley Garden Club, for many years, has been earmarking monies raised by garden club functions, grants and private donations for future gardening projects. In 2018, a committee met monthly to plan how to proceed. It was decided that they would do the plantings in phases and Phase I was just completed by Countryside Landscape Designer, Barb Kindinger, and her professional crew.

During 2018, the Bull Valley Garden Club ladies planted colorful annuals near the west entrance of the building. They weeded, watered and maintained the garden throughout the season. During 2019, more annuals were planted on the south side of the building and barrel tubs filled with colorful annuals were placed near that entrance. The Bull Valley Garden Club a long with The Stickney House Foundation ensures this historical gem continues to be a beautiful reminder of McHenry County's rich history and interesting stories from days gone by.  Countryside is proud to be a partner in this project by supplying design work and plant material.

A fund has been set up for the future plantings and landscaping. Donations can be made to The Stickney House Foundation and "Garden Project", must be noted on the memo line. The Bull Valley Garden Club continues to hold fundraisers and will now start on Phase II.

Mark your calendar for a family fun filled fall day at the Historical Stickney House
Marcy L. Cronin
 Foundation Octoberfest, Sunday, October 6th!
Now is the time to enjoy the fresh cut flowers from your gardens.
Roses, lilies, daisies and hydrangea make beautiful bouquets and the best part is you grew them yourself!

Here are some helpful tips to get the longest enjoyment indoors:
1. Add a packet of "Floralife" preservative to your vase of water.
2. Take your vase, filled with preservative water, out to the garden with you.  As you cut the flowers, put them directly into your water source.
3. Once you have your bouquet inside, give the stems a fresh cut as you arrange them into your decorative vase.
4. Don't forget to use your hosta and fern leaves for greenery!
5. Keep from direct sunlight or cold air vents.
6. Enjoy your garden inside!
Enjoy broadleaf evergreens in your landscape year round.
Wintercreeper is a beautiful evergreen that comes in a variety of variegation. Enjoy shades of green, gold and white now and all through the winter!

Holly not only provides rich green hues all year long but also gives a beautiful supply of bright red berries for winter decorations.
Rhododendrons hold their leaves all year and are some of the first blooming shrubs in spring.
Treat yourself to a beautiful winter landscape this year!
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Broadleaf Evergreens
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Tons of color everywhere you look!
If you are in need of refreshing your outdoor space into your happy place then come on in! 

Hanging baskets, potted annuals and gorgeous container gardens are just what you need!
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Like many projects worth doing, starting with a plan is usually best.
As in the above mentioned story about The Stickney House, usually there is an idea of how it should look and what you like. Figure out what you want to use the space for and then call Countryside professionals to get the job done right.
Our Landscape Department is here to help you with your next project.  
Visit our landscape gallery and fill out a consultation form today!

Enjoy this unique dinner experience in downtown Crystal Lake!
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Mark your calendar:
For our 20th Annual Quilt Show, September 21 & 22! View gorgeous quilts of different patterns and sizes displayed throughout our greenhouses - a unique quilt show for sure! quilts
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