A Hot August Hello!

A few wonderful days of rare August rain gave us a bit of a respite from the heat here in North Texas, then the temps headed back toward and above 100.

So, let's stay inside, shall we? How about a storage story?

Few things are more important to the modern buyer than storage space - for clothes, dishes, cleaning supplies, and stuff, in general. If you're selling, it's imperative that you consider how a buyer will look at the storage situation in your home.

And if you're staying put for a while, addressing your storage situation can help you love where you live!

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A Clutter Catastrophe
Storage space is a big, big deal when it comes to the things that people think about in choosing homes. Too few closets or too little space can be a deal breaker.

But it's not just the number or the size - it's how they're utilized and how they look.

Not too long ago, over on the With the Barretts blog, I did a post about reworking a closet (you can find it here). The subject was a small-ish closet devoted to shoes and purses - two things that you can never have enough of, right? - but that can cause a storage snafu.
With a little investment in organizing hardware from any number of different places - Ikea or the Container Store to name but two - you can bring order to the chaos.

In this instance, shoes were the primary problem, so I opted for more shelves than drawers, but also used some belt hooks for, well, belts.
The result was a far more organized storage space that not only looked more pleasing but also held more items than the jumbled-up mess.

Storage Space is Critical for Buyers

De-cluttering and maximizing storage space is crucial when you're thinking of selling because it's a critical consideration for buyers.

In fact, not uncluttering may actually prevent a sale. It certainly will depress the price. And it doesn't just apply to closets.

When prospective buyers tour your home, they probably won't touch the furniture.

But they will explore your closets, open the drawers in the kitchen, go into the garage and attic (if it's readily accessible), and check out every other built-in storage space available.

Your goal is to make all of them appear under-utilized.

Remove clothes from bedroom closets until there are about half as many as would fit comfortably.

The same goes for the kitchen drawers and cabinets. And under the bathroom sink.

And the storage closet in the hall. And the garage.

Even if you're a pack rat and you think no buyer could possibly have as much stuff as you do, they will think that they do.

If buyers see a house overflowing with your things, they will believe - whether it's true or not - that there will not be enough space for their things.

A Millennial Paradox

Which brings us to a paradox in the current market.

Many buyers these days - particularly "millennials" - are looking for smaller houses with more room for their stuff. Kitchens and bathrooms may sell houses, but only if they come with adequate closet space.

I've said time and again that you want buyers to imagine living in your space.

I should qualify that: You want buyers to imagine living comfortably in your space.

You want it to be a pleasant story. If they imagine a cramped and cluttered future in the space you're offering, they'll pass.

So, take the time; make the effort.

Maximize the appearance of the storage space in your home so that buyers realize, if they purchase this house, they will

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