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ROAD RALLY eNews — May 2017 Edition
Your Road Rally Roundup of News, Views, and How-Tos
Checkpoint Chat
May RRB News
Checkpoint Chat
May RRB News
Road Rally Safety Stewards
In my March column, I outlined the priority work items that the RoadRally Board would undertake in 2017. One of these was to review and update the process for granting RoadRally Safety Steward and RoadRally Safety Steward Instructor SCCA licenses.

I am pleased to report that this work is near completion and will be posted on the SCCA website in May. Additionally, we have updated the responsibilities of the Divisional RoadRally Stewards. With this work complete we will be contacting the current Divisional RoadRally Stewards to confirm they are willing to fulfill these duties, and we will be recruiting additional Stewards for those Divisions where open positions exist.

The definition and duties of the Divisional RoadRally Steward are as follows (reprinted from the March RRB minutes):

  • Divisional RoadRally Steward Appointment: One per Division, appointed by the RoadRally Board. 
  • Duties: Responsible to the RoadRally Board for supervising and administering the RoadRally Safety Steward Application process, assist with Regional RoadRally Development activities and if possible develop and maintain a program of Divisional RoadRally Series in accordance with the rules, standards, and procedures established for the RoadRally Program. Additionally, will serve as an advisory resource for the RoadRally Board on event operational topics.

Rules Change Proposals Solicited
I'd like to remind the rally community that the window for suggesting rules changes, to be implemented in the 2018 competition year, is open now through June 30, 2017. If you have a rule change to suggest, please send an email to  rrb@scca.com . Following an initial review of these proposals, there will be an opportunity for you to comment in the third quarter of 2017.

One suggestion already received concerns the types of equipment allowed in Class L.  Mike Thompson's April column in RReNews solicited comments on this topic, and we have received several. Look for more discussion on this topic later in 2017.

As always, I look forward to your comments on this or any other item of interest or concern regarding the SCCA RoadRally program.

Rich Bireta, SCCA RRB Chairman

There's an App for That!
Improving Accuracy of GPS Measurements with Software
by Mike Young, MSYapps.com

Traditionalists often insist that devices that measure distance by counting tire rotations are superior to contemporary GPS receivers that compute distance based on electronic signals from orbiting satellites. 

So, let’s do some back-of-the-envelope computations to see how measurements by GPS might compare to measurements by tire rotation.

We know that at 60 miles per hour a car will travel 88 feet in one second and at 30 miles per hour a car will travel 44 feet in one second. If a measuring device records distance by computing the time between each rotation of a tire, we need to know the circumference of an automobile tire to know how far the car will travel with each rotation.

The front tires of my rally car are 225/40/R18 and the rear tires are 295/30/R18. The circumferences are 78.8 inches and 78.4 inches respectively, or 6.566 feet, which I’ll round up to 6.6 feet just to keep the math a bit more simple.

GPS receivers measure distance by comparing successive three-dimensional points on the planet derived from between 2 to 20 simultaneous satellite signals (some devices receive both US and Russian satellite signals). 

If for example, a GPS receiver computes distance once every second, we would expect that a car traveling at 60 mph would record a distance of 88 each time the GPS receiver updated its distance measurement. By contrast, a device measuring tire rotations would have produced 13.3 estimates of 6.6 feet each in the same one-second interval using the tires used in our example. At 30 mph, there would have been 6.7 estimates of 6.6 feet each.

This would seem to be a huge measurement advantage in favor of the tire rotation recording device.

But, what if the GPS receiver computed distances more frequently. For example, the Dual 150 computes at a rate of four times per second (from US satellites only) and the Dual 160 model computes at a rate of 10 times per second (from both US and Russian satellites). With these devices, the advantage of the tire rotation recording device is lessened or lost depending upon the speed of travel.

But, there’s more!! 

What if we used software to estimate the distance traveled between signals from the GPS receivers that also report the speed at the same time distance is reported? 

Instead of relying on GPS distance measurements every second, or four times a second, or ten times a second, we could estimate distance at almost any time interval we would like.

In all of my GPS-based rally apps including my newest, the GPS Rally Computer (aka SRC), I estimate distance every 0.06 seconds or nearly 17 times per second. So, at 60 mph, my apps estimate distance in 5.3-foot increments, which is equivalent to once every 8/10ths of a tire circumference.

At 30 mph, the estimation algorithm produces 2.6-foot increments, which is equivalent to once every 4/10ths of a tire rotation.

While some might quibble with the idea that estimating distance between GPS signals is less accurate than estimating a distance between tire rotations, I suggest that the accuracy could be set at any desired level with either device. So, when all is said and done, the arguments about the accuracy of wheel-based systems vs. GPS are a distinction without a difference. 

USRRC – Alaskans are Getting Ready, Are YOU?

The United States Road Rally Challenge, sanctioned by the Sports Car Club of America, is a mere 11,836,800 seconds away!

150 Years Ago, Russia was involved in the sale of Alaska to the United States, and the Cessation Anniversary is reason to re-enact a road rally that took place. No, not in 1867, yet 1967! That's right, during the heyday of rallying, hearty souls here in Alaska celebrated the Centennial Purchase with a road rally from Anchorage to Fairbanks, Alaska!

Do you have the September 15-17th USRRC on your calendar? Maybe you have already registered your team! Have more questions for the organizers? Still deciding? We are here to answer your questions and given Alaskans need to travel – we can offer some assistance of routings 'n airfare perhaps! 

Where Are The Teams Coming From – In the last month, we are pleased to announce that Pennsylvania has joined us on our USRRC Map! They join Florida, Tennessee, California, Maryland, South Carolina, and West Virginia teams as well as our Alaskan teams hailing from Anchorage, Wasilla, Fairbanks, and Kasilof! Will your team be the next to register?

I'll admit that I am choosing to feel disappointment that we have no teams registered from the area I consider to be Midwest America! Yet, as the USRRC Clan has learned over our 40+ years of rallying, it is those who show up who make a rally successful! We are still two months out for our room release and we appreciate the Seward Windsong Lodge for working with us on our “unknown number of guests,” so please make the commitment and register up today! We are pleased that we are still getting querries from Cheechako, Prospector and Sourdough competitors (for those who have not checked out registration yet – that is Stock, Limited, and Equipped). We have been left with words of "working on it, trying to get my car there and get back to Indy for the RunOffs, his wife has not said "no" yet, count on me – I'll be there, and I am still figuring out the airfares" from some rallyists who have it on their rally radar!

Air Fares – Speaking of which, a fellow Rallyist contacted me from the East Coast to confirm the Sunday ending time for the red-eye flights South, and he was quoting airfares of $800-$1100 from their small airport (versus a four hour drive to "the big city"). Twenty minutes online, and we had airfares at $487 and another at $562 – both with good connections at reasonable arrival, departures and from their regional airport! I dare say those easily compare with airfares for crosscountry flights!

How many are registered? — Currently, we have twenty-three individuals registered, which brings us to 13 teams, up from 8.5 USRRC Teams when we wrote last month.

The Finances – The $50 early-registration discount closes out on May 28th, and is based on teams registering by that date and making their non-refundable deposit at our official USRRC 2017 registration site: www.msreg.com/usrrc2017

The Lodging — Registration fees cover your lodging for  Friday and Saturday evening, and we will be resting at the Seward Windsong Lodge and the Ocean Shores Motel in Homer.

The Course - Jonesing for a Rally! Uncertain when they'll next get to compete in a TSD Road Rally this summer, I can share that Rallymaster Cheryl Lynn and RRSS Gail Engblom are jonesing for a rally – the adventure, camaraderie, views and panoramas of the trek between Anchorage and Homer, with a few other offshoots along the way. They have been getting reports that the roads are drying up with our nice slow break-up of winter, and they will be heading out next week for recon 'n rally! All will be wrapped and ready for our Pre-Checker Peter Schneiders' arrival June 1st! We know these treks will be warmer than their -16° work on the course last December! Mike Thompson was assigned the NEC Liaison and has been supportive over calls and emails.

Update on our Rallying to Preserve our Historic SCCA Rally Archives FundraiserJeff Jacobs! Thank you to Jeff for making the first donation outside of Alaska! As one who has been involved with road rally for 44 years, our Rallymaster hopes you will choose to support our efforts with a donation through the SCCA Foundation for the IMRRC made directly through this effort. We have had one contribution mailed directly to us (RPM Alaska, PO Box 220108, Anchorage, AK 99522) and we welcome that to save transaction fees, yet we will be equally delighted to find your donation through the fundraising dashboard at usrrc2017.causevox.com!

Should you be interested in setting up a peer-to-peer fundraising campaign as an active rallyist, or perhaps one who may be in those archives, or even one who wants to have access to them yourself — you can do so without even entering the USRRC! 

We hope you are considering the trek “North to Alaska" for the USRRC. We know that scoring doesn't start until Friday morning, yet the clock is ticking for our lodging commitments along the route and reception plans on Thursday the eve before the USRRC. Registering requires a deposit, yet we'll not charge the balance until June 28th, so don't delay — register today! Come Join Us! 

Please direct your questions to Rallymaster Cheryl Lynn at usrrc2017@comeroadrallywith.us. Safe travels, USRRC Clan

In This Issue —
May 2017
Road Rally Across North America
• Checkpoint Chat by RRB Bireta
• Yucatan Reminds Rallyists of Rally's Lure
• The App Revolution - GPS or Tire Revolutions?
• Rally Tips by Gary Starr
• USRRC Updates, Rallying to Preserve the SCCA Rally Archives Fundraising Effort!

SCCA Contributions this Month
• SCCA Hall of Fame
• NEC Thompson on the 2017 Season
• SCCA Road Rally Calendar by English
• Minutes from the April 13, 2017 RRB Meeting
• Standings for SCCA RoadRally Championships
• Manufacturer Standings for RoadRally
Words from the Wheel by Mullin

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A reminder that RReNews succeeds through the support of contributions for our fellow Rallyists!
SCCA Hall of Fame
It is up to us! No, we don't get the final vote on the Inductees.

We do play the important role of getting those who have been an integral part of the SCCA Road Rally program recognized by the Hall of Fame Selection Committee!

They need us to recognize those in our beloved sport of Road Rally, and share the why we believe they should be recognized for their years of service and share our personal experiences. Letters are saved for future years, so don't believe your effort was wasted if your candidate is not selected the first year.

RReNews knows of four readers who have served on a SCCA Hall of Fame Nominating or Selection Committees, and each of them have expressed their honor of serving the membership in this important responsibility.

Checkout the previous Hall of Fame Inductees and you will also find the submission link on the site! Deadline this year is June 1st - please bring forth our rally history to the Hall of Fame! 
Tips for Novice TSD Rallyists from Gary Starr
I’ve been rallying since 1973 with Twin City Rally Club, which is based out of Minneapolis-Saint Paul, MN, and I have run hundreds of course, tour, stage, and gimmick rallies of all types. In 1980, I won the  SCCA National TSD Class C Championship and am now a Great Grand Master. I have also been the  Rallymaster of a couple local TSD road  rallies and some Divisional events  with the SCCA Land o’Lakes Region  too. In the early days, I've even designed and built my own electronic rally watches from scratch.

I truly enjoy helping and teaching beginners and novices how to TSD rally. Over the years I've taught dozens in their homes, on events, and I have even put on TSD rally seminars. Over the decades I've put together an article of rally tips that I've given out to local rallyists, and I'd like to share with the entire TSD rally community through RReNews. I feel both beginners,  novices, and even experienced teams will benefit greatly from it.

You'll find the most comprehensive list of both Apple and Android Apps (and a few others) for road rally listed, as well as some old 'n obsolete equipment lists!

My Tips for Novice TSD Rallyists Rev1 article can be found here or click here to go to the Twin City Rally Club Facebook Group Files where you'll also find samples of event flyers, rally generals, some Rally Guides for the SRC App (Simple Rally Computer) and more!

Should anyone have any additions to my list of rally apps and equipment you'd like me to add, click here to email me!  
“I'm Back!”  Rallyist Returns via Yucatan Road Rally
by Ian Holmes, Rally Navigator

It's been a while since I road rallied. Which is a pity, I enjoy it a lot. But family commitments and co-driving in stage rallies meant that I was always doing something else when an event took place in the Midwest. But a couple of weeks ago, I was approached by one time SCCA Pro Rally driver (and current Rally America membership secretary) Bob Neilsen.

"Now you're a successful stage rally co-driver. How do you fancy navigating for me at Yucatan?" In this context, Yucatan is one of the Midwest's top road rallies, on the gravel roads around Rochester and Lanesboro, MN. I checked with SWMBO to see if we were free that weekend and that she didn't want to take part. We were free, and she was more than happy to volunteer to work timing controls. I was set! Navigating with someone with lots of experience would enable me to get some insight on how to get low scores. For as long as Lorrie and I have been competing, low scores have not been our forte. Even though we have won a rally as a novice team, we have finished dead last more times. We don't mind, but winning is far better than losing.

This winter in Minnesota has been somewhat mild, and although there was still snow on the ground in places, the warm temperatures led to some interesting road conditions. In the full sun the gravel roads could be quite muddy whereas, in the shaded, woody valleys, snow and ice abounded. The roads selected were quite wonderful to drive. Challenging and scenic. If that is, you had the time to take in the scenery. I was so busy pouring over my notes, giving directions and countdowns, I didn't get much chance to notice.

The format of the rally was quite simple. We were given directions for the route, told where the controls were and what time we had to be there. Arrival times were always to the second and at the top of the minute. It couldn't be much easier. The way Bob wanted to work was that we would drive the route to about a half a mile from the timing control, wait until one minute before our allotted arrival time, and then we would drive in at an average of 30mph. During this minute I would be counting down to zero, with Bob judging the distance to go and his speed. We started off well, recording a perfect 0 at the first control.

At the second control, we recorded a one. The third a two. Bob was a bit perturbed that we were coming in early. When my wife and I compete together we don't score that low, so secretly I was pleased, but at the same time sharing Bob's concern. Was my counting down off? I was having a few issues using the timer on my Apple Watch to count us down to the control, grease on the screen perhaps, but we also had a little confusion in the way the instructions were written. It took a while to get those straight in our heads. But we were still scoring 1's and 2's as we progressed to the first break point.

Break points along the route are more than just a personal needs break for the competitors. They allow the control workers to relocate, and in the lull, the entrants discuss the event so far, whether it be an oddly worded instruction open to interpretation or something like a local farmer complaining about cars racing along his driveway.

We headed out on the second leg and third legs, still scoring 1's and 2's. We always seemed to score a one at the control worked by my wife, so no favoritism there. A few more zeroes made their way onto the score card. It was going quite well. Concentration is key on my part. You'd think that counting down is easy and that anyone could do it. But sometimes the simplest thing can disturb your concentration and throw you off. We were approaching one control that was at the top of a hill, just past a yield sign. Except at this control a local had decided to stop his car in the middle of the road, in front of the control workers to find out what was going on. Seeing that disturbed my concentration and I stopped counting down in the crucial last few seconds. Luckily Bob was dialed in and we scored another zero there.

There was, however, one blot on our scorecard. A “12”. It happened when we managed to get confused as the car in front of us left the stage start late. Nearly a minute later than they should. We set off late trying to make up time but the control wasn't very far down the road, and we couldn't make the time up. We did sneakily try to take a time allowance, but that didn't wash with the scorers at the end of the event. But we tried.

By the end of the event our score card read:
"0    1    2    1    2    1    1    12    2    0    0    2    0    1    0    1    2    0    0    0". 

I had never seen a scorecard like it. I secretly hoped that it would be enough to give us victory. Not overall, for this was a National Rally and we were only entered in the Regional event. Even so, there were some very good crews competing in the Regional event too. But in the end, my hopes were realized, and we were First Overall in Regional and Third in the entire event, and I got to possess of one of the more coveted trophies in Minnesota road rally: the Yucatan glass boot. So, my first road rally in a long time had been a lot of fun (winning always makes things more fun), and I'd forgotten how much fun it can be. Hopefully, we'll be back in the not too distant future.
BMC Road Rally II - Mayday!

Road Rally w/ Brandywine Motorsport Club on Saturday, May 20, 2017 at Fairfield Shopping Center, Newark, DE - Come road rally in a friendly, competitive environment! BMC Rally II - Mayday! Start Location: Fairfield Shopping Center, 407 New London ...

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USRRC 2017 - North to Alaska Road Rally Adventure

Road Rally w/ RPM Alaska on Thursday, Sep 14 - Sunday, Sep 17, 2017 at Kenai Peninsula - Alaska, Anchorage, AK - 2017 is the Sesquicentennial Celebration of Alaska's purchase from Russia, the 75th Anniversary of the Alaska-Canadian Highway, and...

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Tulips by Night I RoadRally

Road Rally w/ SCCA - St. Louis Region - Road Rally on Friday, June 9, 2017 at Wild Country, Collinsville, IL - Tulips by Night I Friday, June 9, 2017 A Road Rally/Novice School/Social Evening at Wild Country, Collinsville, Ill. Description:...

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Tulip Time Rally

Road Rally w/ SCCA - Texas Region - RoadRally on Saturday, May 27, 2017 at Mesquite & Lake Ray Hubbard, Mesquite, TX - Normal ...

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Tulips by Night II Road Rally

Road Rally w/ SCCA - St. Louis Region - Road Rally on Saturday, June 10, 2017 at City Hall, Columbia, IL - Tulips by Night II Saturday, June 10, 2017 A Road Rally/Novice School/Social Evening Starting and Ending in Columbia, Ill. Description:...

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NEOkla 2017 Area 51 Rally

Road Rally w/ SCCA - Northeast Oklahoma on Sunday, May 7, 2017 at Skiatook Tractor Supply, Skiatook, OK - The NEOKLA REGION of the SPORTS CAR CLUB of AMERICA presents the AREA 51 ROAD RALLY! Come and join the NEOKLA REGION of the SPORTS CAR CLUB...

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Roads Scholar 2017 National Course Road Rally

Road Rally w/ SCCA - Milwaukee Region on Saturday, May 20, 2017 at Madison, Wisconsin, Madison, WI - SCCA Milwaukee Region Presents Roads Scholar National Course Road Rally Saturday, May 20, 2017 Join your fellow RoadRally enthusiasts for this...

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Badger Burrow 2017 Road Rally

Road Rally w/ SCCA - Milwaukee Region on Sunday, May 21, 2017 at Madison, Wisconsin, Madison, WI - SCCA Milwaukee Region Presents BADGER BURROW RALLYE May 21, 2017 Come join us for a spring rally. Badger Burrow will be a paved tour with an...

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The Bald Driver Grand Tour

Road Rally w/ SCCA - Philadelphia Region on Sunday, May 21, 2017 at Upper Macungie Park, Fogelsville, PA - A Grand Tour in a Day Inspired by the low buck road rallies that take place out west (Snowball Rally, California Melee) the rally was put...

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As Time Goes By

Road Rally w/ SCCA - St. Louis Region - Road Rally on Sunday, June 11, 2017 at City Hall, Columbia, IL - As Time Goes By Sunday, June 11, 2017 Description: A Novice School introduction to traditional course rallying presented by the St. Louis...

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Words from the Wheel with Jamie Mullin
Greetings from the SCCA National Office – I have some IMPORTANT information for you this month!


SCCA has a new version of the Incident Report Form and Medical Claim form (formerly known as the green card). Please discard the old forms and replace with the new 2017 forms. You will find these forms at SCCA.com in the File Cabinet, yet you must be logged into your SCCA.com account to access the File Cabinet.

Once you are in the File Cabinet, you will find:

  • *2017* Incident Report Form & Instructions,
  • *2017* SCCA Accident Medical Claim Form and
  • *2017* Incident/Medical Form Information sheet provided by K&K Insurance, which includes basic procedures for completing and submitting the forms. 

The Incident Report Form Instructions (page 2 of the form) state you should complete the SCCA Incident Report Form for incidents involving actual or potential bodily injury and/or incidents involving property damage. It is important to note the form is not limited to incidents involving one or both these types of incidents. The rule of thumb is, "When in doubt, fill it out". There is absolutely no harm in completing the form even if they don’t involve property damage or injury at the time. Just continue using them as you have in the past.  

Lastly on the Incident Report and Medical Claim forms, you can simply download the documents to your device and print. They are a standard letter size piece of paper with no special printing requirements.


National Office ANNOUNCEMENT

A system upgrade will take place for SCCA National beginning Monday, May 8, 2017 at 6 p.m. CST and expected to be complete by Tuesday, May 9, 2017 at 9 a.m. CST. Certain functions of SCCA.com will be unavailable during the upgrade. We appreciate your patience and understanding during this time.  


This seems like a good time to remind everyone to make sure you are using the new SCCA Waiver forms; which can be found at SCCA.com under the “About SCCA” tab in Downloads.

There is a “NEW” SCCA Waiver Chart at the top of the list of waivers; which is helpful in identifying which waiver to use. The new Adult Event Waiver 1155 02/16 can be used for all states except New York.  Please refer to the “NEW” SCCA Waiver Chart to determine which Minor Waiver(s) you might need.   

**Please discard any old waivers you have and replace with the appropriate new waiver(s). The waivers can be downloaded and printed from your device but they MUST BE PRINTED IN COLOR. All Regions may order these forms from the National Office, and you will find the Region Order Form at the bottom of the SCCA General Downloads section! 

SCCA ROADRALLY STATS – Reporting In on the First Quarter of 2017

A total of 74 Rally sanctions have been submitted. First quarter 2017 had 34 Rallys with 268 + participants. There are 17 audits due, therefore, the participant count is not current. Please get your audits sent in ASAP after your events.

Keep up the great work and do not hesitate to contact me with any questions 
via e-mail or telephone M-F 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. CDT at 800-770-2055 x371.

Should you have any general RoadRally questions, I invite you to check out the newly revamped RoadRally section on our website here

For any questions about the new Incident Report, Medical Claim forms, and/or the new Waivers, please contact Member Services at 800-770-2055 x215 or membership@scca.com.

Please continue to direct any Event, Sanction, and Insurance related items or inquiries to Deena Rowland 800-770-2055 x 331 M-F 7 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. CDT. 
The National Scene AZICIT
with NEC Chairman Mike Thompson
“You're a bunch of Creeps!” 
Well, at least that's the view of one NEC member whose name shall be held in confidence. That evoked quite a discussion within the NEC. We even considered a “one size fits all” creeping rule. It was decided that anything short of stopping is mostly a judgment call and that a universal rule would be an undue burden on organizers. We would like to remind organizers that whatever “creeping rule” they opt for it should be enforced.

How're your Apps?  
We are in the process of changing the rules for Class L to allow any app, even the latest ones from Rich Bireta and Michael Young that automatically show how early or late you are. We are also considering changing the rules for Class S to exclude GPS external GPS devices. These changes would be kept in place for at least two years to allow enough time to determine their effectiveness.

Get That Sanction In  
We've seen a real uptick in organizers getting the sanction applications to the SCCA National Office well before the time required time by the RFOs. That's great. It's helpful for contestants in making their travel plans.

The sanction application for National rallies requires that a copy of the events GIs be included with the sanction application. It's more important to get your sanction in early rather than wait until the GIs are ready. We do appoint a member of the NEC to serve as your Liaison for all National rallies. Sending your event's GIs, when they are ready, to the liaison is okay.

Just Checking  
Jim Wakeman is working on a checklist for organizers specifying what things the RRRs require to be included in the event's GIs. Thanks Jim for making thing's easier for organizers.

That's AZICIT  
As usual  if anyone has comments on anything I've just covered or has anything they would like me to cover in the future — feel free to contact me here to email me.

May 1, 2017
Mike Thompson
NEC Chairman
SCCA Matters —
Minutes, Planning Calendar, Championship Points
From the Home Office —  Road Rally eNews

Thank you to those who took the time to "write" they enjoyed the April edition of Road Rally eNews. As shared, the generous time given by the contributors each month is the reason we are successful and beginning our fifth year of service to the Road Rally Community on North America. I was delighted to get unplanned submissions from Michael Young, Ian Holmes and Gary Starr this month, as well as those who provide us monthly columns, standings, calendars and minutes!

Thank you to those who sent their contributions this month, know that I enjoyed reading your contributions! Our header photo this month is a reminder that our longer days are here in the Arctic and it is time to be off Hittin' the Highway and be out on , a phrase we've used for over twenty-five years!

Safe travels, Cheryl Lynn, Road Rally eNews

Road Rally eNews is produced in association with the Sports Car Club of America
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