Bow Valley Good Food Box
May 2022
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Pink Lady Apples, Cheeky Pears, Honeydew Melon, Celery, Broccoli, Vine Tomatoes, Potatoes, Chayote Squash, Bell Peppers, Romaine Lettuce, English Cucumber

new “No Cook Box” (working title):
Pink Lady Apples, Cheeky Pears, Oranges/Mandarins, Long English Cucumber, Bell Peppers, Grape Tomatoes, Celery
Meet the Mysterious
Chayote Squash!
WHAT IS IT? Originating in Central America, the Chayote squash is a mildly flavoured gourd, that is generally eaten like a vegetable although it is technically a fruit! The entire plant of the chayote is edible (roots, stems, seeds and leaves), but today, we only have the fruit for you : )

HOW DO I EAT IT? Chayote is very versatile: you can eat it raw (as a 'slaw'), roast it in the oven (like this), or add it to soup (try this pot of deliciousness)!

Click on the photo above for tips on preparing this nutritious vegetable and on the recipe examples for links to the recipes!
Gear up for spring with SALADS!
Bits & Bites
If storing produce to last is not your forte, fear not!
Click on the fridge photo below for May storage tips, & the sad celery photo for some food revival tips 😀
For anyone who forgot to pick up their box, please appreciate that your purchase was donated to community members experiencing food insecurity 💚
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