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Celebrate traditional dance, music, and song this summer at a CDSS camp week!

What will you do this summer to recharge your batteries and rejuvenate your spirit? Will you try a new (to you) dance form, learn a new tune or groove, master a skill, make music with friends new and old? If traditional music, dance, and song are your passions, you can do all those things and more at a CDSS camp.

Whether you gravitate toward contra, square or English country, morris or sword dance; singing and exchanging songs; jamming on traditional tunes, or playing early music, your perfect camp experience awaits.

We still have room at the following weeks and we'd love for you to join us! And there are still scholarship funds available - scroll down for more information.

Harmony of Song and Dance at Pinewoods
Harmony of Song & Dance at Pinewoods
July 21 - 28

Learn, dance, relax, and raise the rafters in song at Harmony of Song & Dance, a week focused on community dance and music making. There's so much to choose from, including staples of the week like world music polyphony, harmonies by ear, round-robin chorus songs, English country and contra dancing, excellent evening concerts and dance parties. And there are some unusual opportunities, like a square dance caller's mini-course with Nils Fredland, Cindy Kallet's Songwriting class, crankie-making (scrolling artwork that illustrates a song), French and Swedish traditional dance, and a Honky Tonk band for both singers and instrumentalists. 

PHOTO: Carl Friedman

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American Dance and Music Week at Pinewoods
August 4 - 11

American Dance and Music Week at Pinewoods
American Dance & Music Week is heaven for dancers and players alike as some of the finest callers and musicians gather to share their expertise. This week features a wide variety of exciting opportunities, from workshops geared towards skill building and technique, to delightfully engaging workshops for more relaxed enjoyment. 

Planned classes include -- D ance: Argentine tango, East Coast swing and two step, waltz technique, English country, AND CONTRAS; Making Music: f iddle repertoire, swing guitar, cool tunes session with Max Newman, lots of jamming and two singing workshops; Creative Expression: D rawing Pinewoods with Will Mentor, juggling, blues dancing, and more!

PHOTO: Ashley Faber Edelman

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Early Music Week at Pinewoods
Early Music Week at Pinewoods
August 11 - 18

Explore the many ways that music and dance inspire each other at  Early Music Week . From Pavans, Bransles, and Galliards of the Renaissance to Minuets, Sarabandes, and Courantes in Baroque suites, the sense of movement and shape in dance is an integral part of rhythm, expression, and form in music. This year's offerings include a focus on dance movements and dance-related music, and opportunities to experience historical dance in addition to our usual English country dance offerings.

PHOTO: Deborah LaGarde

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Dance_ Music_ and Spice at Camp Cavell
Dance, Music & Spice at Camp Cavell
August 12 - 19

Escape to Camp Cavell, in Lexington, MI on the shores of beautiful Lake Huron at  Dance, Music & Spice, a week of dancing, music, art, crafts, outdoor activities, and more, led by world-class instructors!  Carol, Gaye and Kathy will delight you with a lovely mix of contras, squares, English dances, and waltzing. Foxfire (Karen and Daron), Audacious (Larry and Audrey), three-fourths of Combine (Chirps, Dave, Steve), and Brad will conjure glorious melodies, rich harmonies and lively improvisations to send us into dance ecstasy. In addition to dancing to them, you'll have opportunities during the day to join our staff in making music, with band and singing classes and a daily old-time jam.

If you'd like to take a break from dance and music for a bit, or even spend your entire day (and evening!) doing other things, we have plenty of "spice" offerings, indoors and out, including kayaking to Lexington Harbor.

PHOTO: Linda Lewis Lieberman

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Adult and Family Week at Timber Ridge
Adult & Family Week at Timber Ridge
August 12 - 19

Nestled in the hills of West Virginia, Adult & Family Week at Timber Ridge is a unique combination of adult and family camp. It's a magical place were parents, grandparents, singles, couples, young adults, teenagers, and young children all come together in a joyous mix of dance and song. Add art, swimming, storytelling, canoeing, friends, and late-night snacks, and we have a wonderful, memorable good time. The week features two callers known for their joyful, spirited dancing and dance leadership - Scott Higgs from Philadelphia and Adina Gordon from Burlington, VT. Both are experts at calling American contra dances and English country dances, and we look forward to a wonderful mix of dances every day. Our roster of amazing musicians includes Andrew and Noah Van Norstrand, Eden MacAdam-Somer, Rachel Bell, Dave Wiesler, John Devine, Sam Bartlett, and Josh Burdick.

PHOTO: Katherine Giacoletti

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Camp Scholarships... It's not too late!

We can help YOU have a life-changing week at a CDSS dance, music, and song camp this summer. To apply for a scholarship, fill out and submit the camp registration form to register, pay, and send in your scholarship application.

Scholarships are offered on a first-come, first-served basis, so apply ASAP! Question? Contact Linda Henry

We'd also love help with finding scholarship candidates. So if you have suggestions, please send names and emails to Linda at the address above.

Note to CDSS Affiliates: We continue to offer Matching Scholarships - one-on-one matches from CDSS and our groups. Please choose an up-and-coming leader, musician, caller, dancer, or organizer and support them to come to camp. They'll bring lots of new energy and skills back to your community! Refer to  this link for application.

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