COVID-19 Vaccinations
Tuesday and Wednesday
Stillman College will host a pair of COVID-19 vaccination clinics this week:

  • Sept. 14-15, 8 a.m. - 3 p.m., Birthright Alumni Hall (Alabama Department of Public Health)
  • Employees are encouraged to complete vaccination interest forms


  • Beginning Oct. 10, 2021, students, faculty, and staff must show proof of vaccination or be listed on the vaccine database to gain entrance at the main gate of Stillman’s campus
  • Free campus vaccination clinics to be held Sept. 14-15
  • Accommodations will be available for students or staff who choose not to be vaccinated

The challenges of virtual learning are aplenty.

Disparities in access to technology, uneven engagement, and inconsistent attendance affect classes broadly, but these barriers can also exacerbate a student’s learning disability and further widen the gap to proficiency.
Virtual learning became the norm for much of 2020, and for some k-12 schools, fully virtual or hybrid classrooms have continued. And while aspects like internet connectivity have improved, the inherent challenges of both teaching and learning virtually remain.

Stillman College students are learning firsthand the challenges k-12 teachers and students face in a virtual learning environment. Through the Greene County Peer Tutoring Program, Stillman students provide virtual after-school tutoring to students each week.

Reminder: F/S newsletter content deadlines
Hello, all. Just a friendly reminder of the deadlines and requirements for faculty/staff newsletter content:

  • DEADLINE: each Friday at 1 p.m. CT
  • Send to:
  • For events/meetings, include: time/date/place, along with a brief description, a web link to register or find more information, and a point of contact. All graphic elements must be in 1920x1080 dimensions. *To avoid any conflicts with Stillman's brand standards, seek approval for promotional graphics earlier in the week*
  • For general information/reminders, include: brief description, web link for more information, and a point of contact.

Please don't hesitate to reach me (David Miller) if you have questions. Thank you, in advance, for helping improve our campus communications.
COVID Testing: Know Your Employee ID
Starting next week Stillman College will be administering Campus Wide Mandatory Covid Testing. ALL employees must know their Employee ID Number to register for testing. If you don't know your Employee ID number please follow the steps below to locate it.  EMPLOYEES MUST HAVE THIS NUMBER TO REGISTER.

  1. Log into
  2. Go to My Profile Tab
  3. Select Personal Tab
  4. See Employee ID
URGENT: Increase campus security across digital programs, platforms
Stillman College faculty and staff must enable all security features to email, Canvas, and other technologies. It has been reported that Howard University has been hit with Ransomware that caused the cancellation of classes.
Please enable Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) for Office365 and do NOT share login credentials to ANY of our systems. Let’s put in every effort to protect Stillman.
Update contact information ASAP
Campus safety needs your updated contact information. We want to keep you informed of alerts, emergencies, and important information. Please complete this Google form:
Bass' second book of 2021 set for October release
Dr. Debra Bass, professor of religion and theology at Stillman and an ordained AME Zion minister in Birmingham, will soon publish her second book of 2021. “Facing Life’s Challenges in Times of Struggle: A re-imagining of the Jacob-Joseph Saga in Genesis 27-46” comes out in October.

Congratulations, Dr. Bass!
  • Dr. Kevin Harris presenting Sept. 14
  • Stillman President Dr. Cynthia Warrick to speak Sept. 30
To address the gaps of Black Americans working in tech fields, HP is joining with Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Intel and Microsoft this month to present the inaugural HBCU Technology Conference.

Stillman faculty and staff can participate in this virtual conference FOR FREE. Limited spots are available -- register now.
Faculty, staff encouraged to participate in Stillman's Stop Out program, iGrad
"Stop Out" refers to students who were previously enrolled but, for one reason or another, withdrew from the college and never returned. Stillman College is eager to reconnect with those students to get them re-enrolled.

Faculty and staff can aid in this process. If you know of anyone who has stopped out, engage them and ask if they’re willing to speak with someone on campus about re-enrolling. With our increased amount of online courses available, it’s possible for students to complete degrees remotely. And, we can accommodate anyone by providing courses at affordable prices.

Our Stop Out program is supported by the U.S. Department of Education's Project Success program, which provides assistance to Stillman in contacting students via email and phone calls, as well as marketing materials. The College is keen for its faculty an staff to support these efforts and help improve our retention rate.

For more questions about Stillman's Stop Out program, email Claudette Smith, Stillman bursar.

iGrad benefits free to Stillman faculty, staff and students

iGrad Financial Literacy and Career Resources features tips on how to manage student load debt, how to create an emergency fund, and how to optimize credit.

It's also FREE for Stillman faculty, staff and students. The online portal features a wealth of learning modules and simulators to help improve one’s financial wellness.

Registration is free with your Stillman email credentials.
Work Study: Students in Need of Positions Across Campus
The Office of Financial Aid is accepting requests for Federal Work-Study positions. We have students looking to work but need places to work. Federal work study positions:

  •  Pay $8 an hour for up to 20 hours a week
  •  Priority goes to community service and tutorial positions
  •  Can not displace or replace permanent employees or existing service contracts
  •  Can not involve political activity associated with a candidate or group in an election for public office
  •  Not involve construction, operation, or maintenance of a facility used as a place of worship

If you have work and need a student, please complete the attached FWS Job Description and return to the Office of Financial Aid.

If you have questions, please contact Mr. Derwin Lanier ( or Kenneth Wilson ( in the Office of Financial Aid.