Stillmeadow Newsletter for Week of May 25
Grade Level Distance Learning Plans
Daily Specials Schedule + Meeting Links
Virtual Field Day is Friday
Mrs. Nathanson's Media Choice Board
Photos Needed for Fifth Grade Moving Up Ceremony
Fifth Grade Students: Participate in Virtual Performance of
"Together Wherever We Go" for Moving Up Ceremony
Distance Learning Plans for Grades K-5

G rade level distance learning plans for this week are available to view and download here .

Third, fourth and fifth grade students also should refer to Google Classroom for assignments.
Daily Specials + Meeting Links

The Stillmeadow art, media, music, and physical education specialists are hosting classes daily at 10:30 am via Google Meet. Click here to download the daily specials flyer with the Google Meet links.
Tuesday: Art with Ms. Dugan - Let's Draw SpongeBob
Friday: Virtual Field Day
Virtual Field Day is This Friday

Stillmeadow will participate in a virtual Field Day on Friday, May 29 (read more here .)

Here's how it works:

  • Choose at least 4 events (see list below) to complete on Field Day.

  • On virtual field day, Stillmeadow families, teachers and staff will participate in events, complete an official score card, and share photos and videos through approved platforms.

  • After the event, students will submit scorecards via Google Drive.

  • Students who complete at least 4 events will receive a Field Day certificate.

Virtual Field Day Events:

Practice the events and record your results using the Student Practice Plan .
Fifth Grade Parents: Photos Needed for
Moving Up Ceremony

Mrs. Asaro is asking fifth grade parents to send in photos for the Fifth Grade Moving Up Ceremony slideshow.

Photos are needed by June 4. Please send no more than 4-6 photos. As the goal is to include photos of every child, please consider sending photos that include groups of children, such as pictures from class parties, field trips, field day, concerts, and school events (Halloween Hop, Reading Under the Stars, Bingo Night, Fun Run, STEM Night, etc.).

Please forward photos to Ms. Paolino , Mrs. Nathanson , and Mrs. Fano .

Mrs. Asaro will contact fifth grade families directly regarding the Moving Up Ceremony once plans have been finalized.
Fifth Grade Students: Participate in Virtual
Performance of "Together Wherever We Go"

Fifth grade students are invited to participate in a performance of the song "Together Wherever We Go" for the Moving Up Ceremony. The song will be performed virtually using recordings of the students' voices.

Fifth grade students who want to participate in this special performance should follow these instructions :

  1. PRACTICE: Listen to the music here and follow along with the sheet music. Sing out loud along with the recording of "Together Wherever We Go" to get comfortable singing the song.
  2. RECORD: Put on headphones or earbuds so only you can hear the music. Have someone record you singing the entire song. (The recording should be only of your voice singing the song.)
  3. UPLOAD the video to Dropbox

We will play the song, (and hopefully show some of the videos) during the Moving Up Ceremony.

For questions, please contact fifth grade parent Linnea Conley
Media Choice Board for Week of May 25

Click here to view Mrs. Nathanson's Media Choice Board for this week.

Students should complete at least one of these activities by May 29.

Please email Mrs. Nathanson if your child has questions or just wants to say hello!
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