October 2019 | Week 3
Community News
Stillwater Trails Closed
Due to more activity of local wild hogs, the Stillwater trails will be closed until further notice. We have notified the trapping company and they will be out surveying the area to bait and place traps.

We apologize for this inconvenience, and appreciate your patience as we do our best to quickly remedy the situation.
Pardon our dust
The outdoor restrooms at the Main Amenity Center are in the middle of some major upgrades! The Pool and Fitness Center have remained open and residents are encouraged to utilize the restrooms within the Fitness Center.

We will do our best to get this project done as quickly as possible, and look forward to reopen these facilities soon.
Mornings with the Manager
Have a question regarding your personal property? Need clarification on an ACC request, or simply just want to express a general concern or grievance?

Meet with your Community Manager, Brenda Tate, Tuesday, October 22 at 10am. for Mornings with the Manager. Come by the association office for a cup of coffee and catch up on all things Stillwater.
Mornings with the Manager
Every other Tuesday in the Association Office at 10 a.m.
Yard of the Month
Back by popular demand, the Stillwater Ranch Yard of the Month is back!
If you would like to recognize your own home, or your neighbor's, for YARD of the MONTH (YOM) submit the address and a photo by Wednesday October 23.
All ranchers nominated will be recognized and the winner will have a sign displayed in their yard for 30 days.
Make sure to get your neighbor's permission before taking a photo of their yard. I'm sure they would appreciate the nomination. Good Luck!
Other News
Stillwater Ranch welcomes New Preferred Vendor
Beginning November 1, Stillwater residents will receive 3 months at a flat rate of $66.57 (No additional charges; this includes tax). This contract will include 1 annual curbside bulk pick-up.

You can accompany your 95 gallon trash cans with (3) 30 gallon bags & bundled brush, picked up weekly (No charge for Christmas tree pick-up after January 1).
TIGER Sanitation customers, keep an eye out for guidelines via upcoming emails.
Not a customer?
Contact TIGER Sanitation today!
Sign up for services by calling 210-333-4287
Yappy Howl-o-ween!
Dressing up for Halloween is fun! According to us, at least. Pets rarely enjoy being dressed up, but some will tolerate it if they know that it makes us happy, or if they really like attention and will do anything to get it, including looking ridiculous.
Your pet can reveal their true personality or silly side in their Halloween costumes. For those residents that would like to share a photo of their fur baby, we encourage you to snap a pic and share it with your neighbors here .
Services offered by the Association Office
Notary Services now Available

We are happy to announce we have Notary Services available to Stillwater Ranch residents at the association office Monday through Thursday.

Please call 210-451-9656 to schedule an appointment.

Notary fee is $6 per page.
Online Yard Sale

Didn't sell everything you wanted to at the Community Yard Sale? Use the Stillwater Ranch Marketplace on your website! Simply click the image or link below, add your photo or item to be sold, and post  (You must be registered on the website to participate).
There is one posting so far. What are you waiting for? Head there now and buy, sell, or trade!

Visit the  Markeplace
Around the House
Halloween Entertaining: Make a Mummy Beverage Tub

Need a quick and easy decorating idea for your Halloween monster mash? Turn a galvanized tub into a friendly mummy, ready to keep ice and cold drinks at the ready.

Sinister Sip: Blood Orange Sangria Recipe

Sangria is delicious any time of the year, but when you amp up the blood red color with richly-colored red fruits and blood oranges you get a deep red-colored drink perfect for any vampire’s cocktail party.

Around the Town
Though it may still be a little on the warm side, that does not stop us from an annual trip to the pumpkin patch! Click Here for all the places you can visit pumpkin patches in San Antonio. 
Fright Fest features a variety of activities for the whole family to enjoy. You may have thought you knew Fright Fest, this year prepare yourself and your friends to scream bigger! Featuring thirteen terrifying Halloween-themed attractions, from four live musical shows, to five horrific haunted houses, to four scream-worthy scare zones, you will never want to leave, nor will we let you. Enjoy your favorite roller coasters after dark, because once the sun goes down they are a whole different experience. 
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